How to Ensure Your Summer Garden Party is a Success

55% of Americans say spending time at a barbeque or a picnic is their favorite summertime activity. It’s no wonder then that  77% millennials, who make up for the majority of the current home buying market, place outdoor space as one of their top priorities in purchasing a property. If you’re fortunate enough to own a home with a backyard, garden, porch or patio you may find friends and family flocking to your home this summer. You’ll want to plan the perfect summer garden party with careful attention to detail. Following a few easy tips will make your garden party a huge success.

Make Your Backyard Comfortable for Your Guests

Whenever you throw a party, you want to make sure there is enough space and enough seating for everyone you invite. Lawn furniture includes a variety of seating options, such as lounges, recliners, benches and outdoor sofas. If your guest list is extensive, you may want to spread out seating with smaller tables throughout your yard and set up a buffet table for people to prepare their own plates; this setup makes optimal use of your space. A more flexible seating arrangement also gives guests the opportunity to mingle and admire the hard work you’ve done growing and landscaping your garden. For a smaller, more intimate party, you can put all your guests around one large picnic table and serve your meal family-style.

Take Weather into Account When Planning an Outdoor Party

To keep your guests comfortable, it’s also important to consider the weather. For a daytime summer party, shade is important for the comfort and protection of your guests. According to experts at, installing retractable awnings to cover your deck is one of the smartest steps for a homeowner to consider, as this will allow the family and guests to enjoy their meal in the shade among beautiful plants and flowers. For evening parties, outdoor heaters, tiki torches or a fire pit can keep guests from getting too cool and help keep bugs away. Make sure you have a contingency plan in case it rains. If your yard has adequate coverage, like a tent or awning, your guests can remain outdoors while staying dry. If you don’t have any outdoor rain protection, make sure your party setup can easily transition from outdoors to indoors.

Incorporate Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables Into Your Menu

Take advantage of all the delicious fruits and vegetables that are in season during the summer months. Create dishes that center around fresh, locally grown produce, like salads made from cucumbers, bell peppers, and beats. A dessert that includes fresh strawberries can be the perfect summer treat. If you grow your own vegetable garden or have a fruit tree, use your party menu as an opportunity to showcase your green thumb. If you’re throwing a potluck party, encourage guests to bring dishes that incorporate fruits, herbs, and vegetables they’ve grown themselves.

Throwing a festive summer garden party can be a great way to bring your neighbors, friends, and family together to enjoy the warm weather and summer harvest. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, birthday or just because, summertime is a great time to get together. Take advantage of the warm weather and make your garden the go-to gathering spot for the season.

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