How To Get Someone To Unfollow You Without You Knowing

Managing your followers on Instagram without ruffling any feathers can be a tricky business. There are all sorts of reasons why you might want to gently cut off a social media friend. However, it can often cause a fall-out as the only sure-fire way to do this is to block them. While they won’t be alerted, anyone looking at your profile will easily be able to tell if they’ve been blocked, and this can cause serious offense. Fortunately, there is a simple hack you can use to solve this problem easily and tactfully. 

So, how can you get someone to stop following you without blocking them? Read on to know more about these steps.

Find the person 

The first step of this hack is to locate the correct follower under the followers tab. Carefully select the name of the person you are hoping to get to unfollow you. Don’t be rash- it’s important to make sure you’ve picked the right account. Accidentally selecting the wrong person could lead to an uncomfortable conversation later on, especially if they’re a close friend or family member.

Block them temporarily

Although blocking someone’s account permanently can make you upset, a block lasting just a short time means that Instagram will make their account stop following you. Luckily, it’s highly unlikely that the person will ever notice that you blocked them for such a short period, as a few seconds is all that’s needed. Instagram won’t send any kind of alert to them that could make them aware of what you’re doing.


It’s absolutely vital that you follow this step if you want your plan to succeed. First, double-check your list of followers to make perfectly sure that they are no longer following you and that you’ve followed the previous steps properly. Return to the person’s page and remove the block. This means that if they visit your page, there will be no noticeable evidence that they were ever blocked. However, unblocking them won’t cause them to automatically start following you again. Of course, they may notice that they have the option to start following you. It’s unlikely that they’ll jump to the conclusion that you took steps to remove them as a follower. Instead, they’ll probably just think that they stopped following you by mistake. 

At any rate, the purpose of Instagram is to post photos in the hopes of getting more Instagram likes, right? Right. So why be afraid when someone doesn’t like your post or follows you- or worse yet, when someone who followed you decides to unfollow you without you ever knowing about it? why be anxious and start pushing out photo after photo hoping someone will see one and become a follower?

Finally, keep your fingers crossed that the person just doesn’t clock that their account has stopped following yours. This is probably the most likely outcome of following this hack. However, if you suddenly notice their name appearing in your followers list, you may need to follow this process again until they get the message. Fortunately, this hack remains effective no matter how many times you use it. If you want to reduce the chances of unwanted people following you, it may be a good idea to change the settings of your account to make it private. This makes it quite tricky for friends to start following you again.

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