How to Keep Your Home Protected and Safe

To be a burglar, you don’t need a lot of intelligence or know-how: The majority gain access by simply accessing unlocked doors or windows or rapidly breaching those that are poorly protected. The good news is that a few basic steps may significantly increase the security of your home. Here are some tips on how to keep your home protected and safe.

Secure Your Windows

The first and easiest line of defense against intruders is to lock your windows, but how many of us do so on a regular basis? Burglars are always on the lookout for easy prey, and an unguarded window is exactly that. It’s a good idea to keep them locked even when you’re at home.

This leads us to the next point. You may consider installing window treatments like blinds, which have louvers that allow you to open the shade to a view without having to lift. Blinds get their name from the fact that they are used to keeping people from looking into a house; they effectively blind the observer’s view, making them a pretty good security feature. Aluminum blinds are one of the most long-lasting and low-maintenance window treatment alternatives, and they come in a variety of sizes, too.

Install Smart Home Technology

If you’re looking to tighten up the security at your home, consider smart home technology. Smart home technology, often known as home automation, can help you keep track of your entrances. If a door or window is left ajar, door/window sensors can detect it and smart locks can be programmed to lock automatically at predetermined intervals with your iPad or another device.

Get Insurance

Consider including replacement-cost coverage for your personal goods in your home’s insurance policy. If your home is broken into and your belongings are stolen, this optional coverage might save you hundreds of dollars above standard coverage. Consider purchasing supplementary policies for valuable jewelry and other items that are only covered to a limited extent under ordinary plans. You can have an underwriter or the insurance company determine whether your home poses an acceptable risk, and then they calculate a fair coverage cost for your valuables. In 2018, around 42% of the 110,400 employed underwriters worked for direct insurance companies. This may be due to the growing number of homeowners who are insuring their property.

Install Landscaping Lights

Keeping your home secured does not only imply preventing attackers from entering but also ensuring the safety of your family on a daily basis. Though a well-lit facade is the best deterrent for robbers, landscape lights will keep your family and friends safe while walking across your property. To illuminate your home’s landscaping, consider using hanging outdoor lighting. Whether you use LED lights on your steps or gorgeous professional-grade landscape lights, you will not only keep your home protected but also keep everyone in your home safe.

Secure Your Garage Door

People spend a lot of time and money guarding their houses, but they frequently overlook their garages. Unfortunately, this is a simple way to obtain access to your home. To begin, make sure all of your garage’s standard doors and windows are locked. Next, instead of leaving your garage door opener in your car, where it could be stolen, keep it in your house.

Finally, keep the inner door between your garage and your home shut. That way, even if an intruder gets into your garage, they won’t be able to get inside your house. Buying a smart garage door opener is an ideal way to protect your home. This device enables you to check the condition of your garage while you’re away, manage it even if you are not home, and more.

No one likes to be the victim of a break-in inside their home. In the United States, a property crime occurs every 4.1 seconds. Using the suggestions on this checklist will deter and prevent criminals and keep homes and valuables protected and safe.

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