How To Set Achievable Goals

It is January first and everyone is thinking about what they want to do this year. After last year many of us are at a loss as to what goals will fit this year not knowing what twist and turns the universe has in store for us. This year I would like to encourage everyone to set goals that they can control. You can’t control how much your business will grow this year but you can control how much time and energy you put into your business for future growth.

I am currently using DDP Yoga to help get myself back in shape and the past couple of weeks has been all about setting goals that can be achieved. The instructor Dimond Dallas Page (yes the wrestler is a yoga instructor) has a system I think is worth sharing with all of you.

SMACKDOWN Goal Setting

Page’s goal-setting technique is all about choosing goals that you can make work and making them clear to help you be successful.

Specific. Choose a specific goal. Something tangible. Instead of setting a goal to save money set a goal to save a specific amount of money, say building a $1000 emergency fund.

Measurable. Can you measure your goal? Pounds lost, new products for your business, a new skill learned and mastered are all things you can measure progress on and use that measure to help encourage you to keep going and know when your goal has been met.

Achievable. Are your goals realistic and achievable? Losing 30 pounds in a month is not achievable and is setting yourself up to fail but losing 30 pounds in six months is completely achievable for anyone willing to put in the work.

Compatible. Are your goals truly compatible with your lifestyle or changes you are willing to make to your lifestyle? A lot of people set goals that don’t work out simply because they were aiming for something that was just not compatible with their lifestyle.

Keep Going. What are you going to use for motivation to keep pushing you forward towards your goals? How will you keep going when things get hard?

Do it. When and how are you going to reach your goals? This is where you plan actiaonble steps weather it be to create a new product for your businesses every month or workout when you get up before starting your day. Make a plan so you ahve no excuses later.

Own it. Who or what is going to hold you accountable for your goals? Share your goals with your support system. Don’t have one? Come Join us in Unstoppable Women on Facebook we will have your back. If you are working to lose weight this year sign up with Healthy Wage and bet on yourself. The prospect of losing money if you don’t stick to it can be a powerful motivator.

Write it. Record your goals. Don’t just say them and forget them. Set your goals and write them out. Place them where you will see them.

Now. Dive right in. Don’t wait for Monday to start working towards your goals. Waiting until later to start is just the beginning of a long set of excuses you will feel okay about making if you allow yourself to not dive right in on day one.

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