How to Style your Australian Home for Sale

Did you know that great styling can make a significant difference to the final figures, boosting your Australian home’s sale price by 7.5% to 12.5%?

In today’s marketplace, property styling is no longer an option; it is a critical element in a home staging for sale, promising a higher return on investment.

Engaging a professional property stylist, like Advantage Property Styling, is an excellent way to make your property stand out. When planning to sell your Australian home, try these styling tips to make your property more appealing to the prospective buyers.

Declutter the Entire Room

When you put your property for sale, a minimalistic approach to home staging is key to creating an excellent first impression.

Professional cleaning and decluttering heavy furniture items can give your home a chic presentation. Such a style is sure to allure potential buyers who are always looking for something new and fresh.

Right Furniture Placement to Create a Visual Appearance of a Larger Living Space

Whether a buyer is looking for a budget home or a stand-alone Australian house, they want to see a spacious interior. Perfect furniture placement is the most innovative way to make your home look spacious.

Experts suggest that typically, buyers scan a room from left to right. It is ideal to have the tall furniture pieces in the far-left corner of the room to make it look larger. This setup goes very well with the Scandinavian furniture that is quite popular in Australia’s coastal cities.

Strike the Right Chords with the Perfect Colour Tone

Colours can make or break the appeal of a room. If you wish to play safe, then try the nature-inspired cool tones.

If living in coastal cities like Perth, then you can go for ocean-inspired colour schemes, like blues and shades of grey. Also, marble, slate, and mixed timber prove to bolster high-returns from your home sale. They tend to add warmth to the rooms with neutral colours.

Layers, Textures, and Organic Elements are Great Style Statements

You can try layering in every aspect of your home aesthetics. For instance, creating layers is possible with flooring, furniture, and rugs. The right amount of layering in each room will resonate with its function and set the desired ambience.

For a visual appeal, you could incorporate textures along with layering. It allows you to style your home in line with the current season. For instance, using cotton or linens with beautiful silks can best suit the dominating summer months in Australia.

Combining the right organic components like wood and other metal fixtures also add a unique character to your home.

Hire a Professional Home Stylist

An experienced home stylist like Advantage Property Styling can give your home a winning edge.

These home styling experts offer a wide range of services, including a “walk-through” consultation and partial property styling. You might not be aware of the aspects of your home that detracts from its appeal; a skilled stylist can make a big difference.

Amid the pandemic, major Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne are facing a weakening housing market. More Aussies have been reaching out to stylists to stage their homes, for a potential sale with high returns. Get in touch with an experienced home stylist, while planning a home staging to sell your property at a profitable price.

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