Hurricane Unit Study Tools for Parents and Teachers

Hurricane season is getting ready to hit full force making this the perfect time to start planning a hurricane unit study. By preparing ahead of time you can be ready to take advantage when the hurricanes start rolling in. We have been through a few hurricane seasons when we lived down south and one thing that made it fun was using them as an opportunity to get really connected to what we were learning. We would prep for lessons right along with the typical buy bread and batteries prep. FREE hurricane unit study

How they categorize and track Hurricanes

Find the latest news, updates, and storm tracking on TERRAPIN

How hurricanes are ranked with TCFAQ

Learn about Hurricane Hunters that help us understand the inside of these powerful storms.

The Anatomy of a Hurricane

Get hands-on with your unit study

Check out this Hurricane in a bowl Science Experiment

Discovery Education has great lesson plans with projects.

About rain

Rain and inland flooding science

Build a rain gauge to help your child connect with how much rain is coming down.

About wind

Hurricane wind speed chart.

Understanding hurricane winds at landfall.

How are winds measured?

Hurricane Reading List


The Magic School Bus Inside A Hurricane

DK Eyewitness Books: Hurricane & Tornado


Things to do together for this unit study

As a hurricane is coming your way you will find the perfect time to learn about this major weather event. Track the storm on the internet, watch as it hits outside, venture out before clean up starts to see how the storm causes damage.

Volunteer to help with the cleanup effort as a family or if you have time work together to help friends, family, and neighbors band together to secure homes.

If working on this before a storm comes take time to create your own emergency kit together and talk to your child about why it is important to be prepared for anything that can come your way.

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