Italian Meatball Bites

My husband is proud of his Italian heritage. I think he just likes to have an excuse to eat because that’s the only time it comes up. He also loves anything carb filled. Ok don’t we all?  These bite size wrapped meatballs are perfect for serving before the next big family meal.  Not only are they great but these Italian Meatball Bites are easy to make but shhhh I won’t tell your guests that.

These Italian Meatball baits make a great appetizer


My kids love these and I love how easy they are. to make. In fact, they were created when I needed a use for meatballs I found on sale when no one in the family wanted pasta. I always keep some crescent rolls on hand because my husband hates leftovers and anything I stuff crescents will get’s eaten. Cheating yes, but smart.

What you need to make Italian meatball bites.

This is an easy one. Two simple ingredients you can buy premade.

1 lb package Italian meatballs.

2 8 count packages



Italian Meatball Bites

How to make Italian Meatball Bites

These are easy to make. Split beach meatball in half. These need to be small to fully cook.

Cut each crescent roll in half.

Wrap each meatball in a crescent roll.

Bake on 350 until golden brown about 20-25 minutes.

Cut one open to ensure they are cooked if not return to oven for 5 minutes.

These Italian Meatball Bites are perfect appetizers for the holidays


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