Looking for Better Ways to Extend Your House? Here’s A Guide for You

When looking to extend your house, it can be a little difficult to know what to do or where to start. While some people have the land area to expand without worries, others may have limited space and need to work around it. 

Just as there may be several reasons to extend a house, there are also several reasons for it. As the team from Watara Homes Constructions states; a house extension can be done to add much-needed living or storage space, boost efficiency, or enhance market value. In this article, we give you some ideas to extend your house, no matter the reason.

An Enclosed Porch 

Adding an enclosed porch can create extra space, and act as a useful buffer to the elements. This idea is especially useful if your front door happens to open directly into the living room, or if you generally want to make an originally small hallway feel more spacious.

A Box Dormer 

Maybe you’ve inherited a loft conversion from a former owner, and are unhappy with the amount of full-height space. Adding a box dormer is a simple solution that promises to transform the feel of your home. It can be used to create more full-height space, providing the headroom needed to add stairs into a loft, or for a loft bathroom. 

A Living Room Extension

Extensions that add only a meter or two in width can actually make a great difference to your existing living room. If you don’t need the space for extra seating, you can use it as a cloakroom or utility room. 

A Bay Window Extension

A projecting bay window extension can significantly give any room much more space, and by adding windows on three sides, it can bring in extra light, enhancing the spacious feel of the room. The great thing about this extension is that it doesn’t necessarily need foundations, for it can be cantilevered by brackets from the existing structure. 

A Covered Connection Walkway 

Connect your home to an outbuilding – like a garage conversion or a guest house – with a covered walkway, and see how it will add space and size. On the other hand, a glazed walkway can be a great solution to planning restrictions, such as listed buildings where solid links would be inappropriate. 

A Basement Lightwell 

To completely transform a dark basement, all you need to do is add a small, modest glazed extension to the back. This will flood the space with light, helping it appear larger and lighter. You can work even more wonders if you manage to make open onto a sunken courtyard, with stairs up to the garden. 

Simple Ideas, Complex Results 

As you start to plan for house extensions, you might be faced with certain limitations or restrictions. In that case, you’ll want to go beyond the obvious thoughts – like adding an entire room – and think outside of the box. An enclosed porch; a box dormer; a living room extension; a bay window extension; a covered connection walkway or a basement lightwell are all very valid, simple ideas that can give you the extra space you need. 


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