The Mitten Unit Study

Each month I order a few books from the kids reading list from Mother Goose Time. This list goes with the theme for the month and includes a ton of great classics. The Mitten day the recommended The Mitten by Jan Brett a book I remember from my childhood. I knew the kids would have fun with this The Mitten Unit Study.

The Mitten Unit Study

The Mitten Unit Study

Each day of Mother Goose Time is a mini-unit study perfect for Preschoolers. Because we have older kids in the mix we add to each day bringing it up to Kindergarten and 3rd-grade levels for them. I love that this program can be added to create a curriculum that fits all of my children so they can enjoy learning together.

Animals in the mitten activity

Mother Goose Time created this great activity for the kids making mittens to stuff with Animals. They made it so easy for me by providing everything ready to go. The mittens were even hole punched. While I popped them out Monkey and Little Man cut the animals out. I did find a printable mitten activity on Pinterest you can use.

Explore with mittens

The Mitten Unit Study

Mother Goose Time always includes a variety of fun ideas all ready to go for you. On Mittens Day in the Winter in the Woods theme, they suggest collecting an assortment of mittens and gloves. Challenge children to out them on while doing simple tasks, play with blocks and write their name. Discuss how the mittens made things different and what was easiest to use with the gloves on. 

The Mitten craft ideas

These colorful mittens would be a fun project.

This pompom mitten craft will keep the kids busy for a while.

The Mitten math

Here is a fun Mitten Math counting worksheet

This mitten math snowflake counting would be so much fun for the littles to do while big kids get other work done.

More Mitten fun

“The Mitten” by Jan Brett is a wonderful children’s book that lends itself to a variety of engaging and educational activities. Here are some ideas:

This animal cracker mitten activity would be perfect for snack time. This one is packed with tons of other fun activities for your youngest little ones.

Story Retelling: After reading the book, encourage children to retell the story in their own words. This helps with comprehension and language development.

Mitten Matching Game: Create a matching game using pictures or small toys of the animals featured in the book. Have the child match the animals to the page where they appear.

Sequencing Cards: Create cards with pictures from different parts of the story and have the child put them in the correct order to retell the story.

Animal Habitat Study: Explore the habitats of the different animals in the story. Research where they live and what they eat.

Craft Activity: Make a Mitten: Provide materials for children to create their own mitten. They can decorate it with drawings or collage pictures of the animals from the story.

Animal Charades: Act out the different animals from the story and have the child guess which animal you’re portraying.

Creative Writing: Encourage children to write their own version of the story, changing some of the animals or adding new characters.

Math and Counting: Use animal figurines or pictures to engage in counting activities. For example, “How many animals are in the mitten now?”

Puppet Show: Create paper bag puppets of the animals and have the children put on a puppet show retelling the story.

Winter Nature Walk: If possible, go on a winter nature walk and look for signs of animals or traces they might leave behind in the snow.

Discussion on Seasons: Talk about how different animals adapt to winter and the changing seasons.

Cooking or Baking Activity: Make a treat inspired by the story, like cookies shaped like mittens or animal-shaped crackers.

Sensory Play: Set up a sensory bin with materials representing the snow and different animals. Let the children explore and play.

Mitten Coloring Pages: Provide coloring pages related to the story for children to express their creativity.

Comparing and Contrasting: Compare and contrast the different animals in terms of size, color, habitat, and behavior.

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