Moving to Miami? Try These Tips on How to Get Settled

What comes to mind when you hear someone mention Miami? Do you think of stunning white sand beaches and wild nightlife? Their stellar basketball team, the Miami Heat? Or the city’s varied appearance across multiple hit TV shows, like the Golden Girls and CSI: Miami? Whatever it is, moving to Miami is bound to bring plenty of opportunities your way.

Once you have a list of the best apartments in Miami, you may already be excited about your move and ready to hit the road. But while this city has a lot to offer and a new chapter in your life is always something to look forward to, you may struggle to settle in once the initial spark fades away. So to help improve your transition, here are some quick tips on getting settled in Miami.

Get ready for the intense heat and heavy rains

One of the biggest reasons why Miami is so popular is because it’s so sunny and warm all year round. This is a strong advantage for people who love going to the beach and participating in outdoor activities. On average, the temperatures will stay around 77°F (25°C) throughout the year and then dip to 64°F (18°C) in the winter months. That’s not bad!

However, warm temperatures do mean that you may want to crank up the air conditioning on some days, so you should keep an eye out for a bigger electricity bill. Miami is also prone to hurricanes, with hurricane season lasting from June to November. In the worst-case scenario, you may have to board up your home and head north for shelter. 

Try out a variety of new activities and prepare to meet people

There are so many things to do and people to befriend in this city. Miami is magical because it can cater to so many different preferences. You can head to the beach, try out food from different cultures, explore museums, or relax with a book at a nearby park.

Keep in mind that all these different places and activities also mean that there are tons of locals and tourists around the city at any given time. As a whole, the state of Florida is pretty crowded and it continues to be a popular destination for many people. This means that it might be difficult for introverts or loners to find solitude while they are outside their homes.

Knowing how to speak Spanish can help you settle in faster. It is estimated that around 72 percent of Miami’s population identifies as Latin American. However, you do not need to learn it to survive.  

Your salary isn’t as high, but you don’t pay income tax

The bad news is that salaries do not seem as competitive as in other major US cities. The good news is that Florida does not collect income tax. As a result, you get to keep all your earnings in contrast to other states that tax as much as ten percent. 

In addition, Miami does not have a high cost of living—but as one of the big cities in the country, it’s safe to expect that the cost of some goods and services is also slightly higher than in other rural areas. You may not strike out immediately after moving but with the right financial practices, you will be able to live comfortably and have some money left over for your other interests. 

There are plenty of big industries for job hunting

Industries that are making it big in Miami include finance, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and tourism. There are plenty of local attractions, resorts, hotels, and restaurants for individuals who specialize in customer service and hospitality. Miami is also known as the cruise ship capital of the world, with big names like the Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean Cruises headquartered in the area. 

Beyond tourism, the city also has the largest concentration of international banks in the country. The largest employer in Miami is the Royal Bank of Canada. 

Media buffs and linguists, especially those who can speak Spanish, can try looking for openings in Sony Music Latin, Universal Music Latin Entertainment, Telemundo, and Univision, which all have headquarters here. Plenty of other big Latin American companies are also housed in the area. 

Sort out accommodation, commute and transportation beforehand

Since Miami is so densely populated, rush hour can slow everyone down to a crawl in the mornings and evenings. Prepare beforehand and try to get an apartment in a neighborhood that, at the very least, is close to work. The location for your apartment in Miami would be very important.

Most commuters invest in a car to explore the city. However, public transportation might be worth considering if you are a tourist or only staying short term. You can save yourself the time and stress of getting stuck in traffic by looking into the trains, buses, and trolleys that are offered around Miami.

Meanwhile, the housing situation in Miami is a little difficult. Rents have skyrocketed due to the pandemic, especially because plenty of people moved to the area to escape restrictions. At the same time, an increase in the cost of construction materials and supply chain shortages have affected the housing market. To ease your transition into the city, try consulting a real estate agent or people you know in the area who can help you find a place to stay. 

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