Must-Haves For Your Victory Garden

As the economy is taking a turn for the worse more and more people are looking to start their first gardens to help feed their families. A victory garden like our great grandparents grew during the great depression and world wars 1 and 2 is a great way to help feed your family. Choosing to buy from small businesses is a great way to do your part to support the economy and help other families survive the coming recession.

This year we have decided to put a focus on small businesses to help do our part in helping families thrive. ETSY IS packed with small businesses and they are ready to support them with their #StandWithSmall campaign.


The first thing you need for your victory garden is seeds. Finding seeds is becoming harder than normal but many sellers on ETSY are offering seeds like this Seed Bank Packed with 1000+ seeds in 25 verities making this a great option for starting your won garden. Split these seeds with friends and family to help everyone start their own victory garden.

A Garden Planner

A garden planner is a great way to make the most of your garden and stay on track. I prefer a paper planner like this Complete Garden Planner and Journal so I can print the pages I need and store in a 3 ring binder.

Garden Markers

Garden markers make it lot easier to keep track of where your plants are until they are large enough to tell apart. I suggest looking for quality garden markers that are made to last so you can use the same ones year after year for the best return on your investment. These Rainbow Vegetable Garden Ceramic Markers are hand made and weatherproof so you can use them in your victory garden and again year after year.

Garden tools

We all need quality garden tools to make our gardens work. If you are like us here in Michigan and you can not buy from small stores locally why not order yourself a nice set of personalized tools? These Personalized Garden Tools make a great addition to your garden supplies or a great gift for a loved one starting their vary own Victory Garden.


While you may not think about how to quickly and easily plant seeds at the right dept it doesn’t take long to figure out that it can be a lot more work than you anticipated. A garden dibber makes it easy to plant seeds quickly with measurements marked off that you can use for depth and spacing.

Watering Can

You need a way to transport water to your new victory garden. A nice personalized watering can make a great addition to your gardening tools. This is a lot more fun and sturdy than the cheap plastic ones you can find at local dollar stores if your gardening stores and sections are closed.

Vertical Planters

Even those with a small yard or even just a patio can start their own victory garden. Instead of a large garden bed look for a quality vertical planter. This allows you to grow herbs, greens, and even strawberries in a limited space helping you provide for a portion of your food.

Mini Hydroponics Garden Kits

For very limited space homes you can even opt to grow a mini hydroponic garden. This Indoor Mason Jar Hydroponics Kit found on ETSY is a great way to grow herbs or small salad greens like spinach inside a sunny window or under a grow light.

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