Reusable Produce Bags

When it comes to thing that creates a lot of unnecessary waste produce bags fall pretty high on the list. These flimsy plastic bags are single use and not recyclable in most areas. These produce bags can really get out of hand when you have a large family and go through produce quickly. Plastic works it’s way into our oceans where wildlife takes a hit. Unsuspecting hungry sea animals eat our plastic waste thinking it is a floating sea animal. We have been working hard to reduce our plastic waste with small changes as a family. Reusable produce bags towards a waste-free kitchen. 

Reusable Produce Bags

One recent change we made is to replace every day throw away items like dryer sheets with reusable options like wool dryer balls. Each item we replace makes an impact and the choice to buy reusable fabric produce bags makes a big difference one saved bag at a time. I grabbed a cheep verity pack off

I did not need anything fancy but I knew I wanted something that had a good tear weight because we buy a lot of produce and some things like cucumbers can get heavy when you are buying half a dozen or more at a time. I got excited over the set I picked because they had the weight of the bag listed on the tag so cashiers at our favorite fruit market can account for the weight when checking us out. Unlike store-provided bags, I love having a verity of sizes allowing me to store things in the bags. The easy closure doubles as a hook allowing me to attach them to my mommy clip and carry all of our products that way. This is perfect because it makes tris to the farmers market easy.

Making green choices does not have to be stressful. Changes can be big or small. As simple as switching to less power draining appliances like a french press coffeemaker or as big as tossing disposable diapers for cloth. This year take a stand and make small changes to help keep the earth clean and healthy for future generations.

Make the transition easy.

Reusable Produce Bags

For most people that make the choice to switch to reusable produce bags, the change starts with switching to cloth shopping bags. A great way to transition to cloth bags for shopping is to buy two sets. Keep one in the car at all times. Sometimes life happens so its best if you aim to load your bags back into your car after use but having that spare set, can make a big difference.

Don’t forget to wash your bags often because it does not take much for them to gather germs and become rather disgusting. Keep bags just for items like meats that may leak and need to be washed each use to help keep the germs under control with less effort. Your shopping bags can be washed with the rest of your kitchen linens.

Choose to shop where store bags are not provided. This is the fastest way to get into the habit of remembering your bags. We love Aldi shopping using laundry baskets instead of shopping bags.

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