How to Save Big Money With Amazon Prime Student

College is expensive and you may be looking for great ways to save a little money. The good news is Amazon Prime Student can help.

Amazon Prime Student requires an EDU email address which your school will give you. Once you have your EDU email you can sign up for Amazon prime student which is a 6 month free trial of Amazon Prime allowing you to take advantage of all Amazon’s great offerings. And if you decide to keep it after six months you get to renew at half price for up to 4 years or until you graduate whichever comes first. Even better you get to enjoy the perk of earning $10 for every friend you refer.

Amazon Prime Student Perks

Free two-day shipping is the best perk of any Amazon Prime account. As a college student, you will find that many items cost more locally than on Amazon. Two-day shipping means you don’t have to worry about paying more for basics you need and everything is delivered right to your door. This is really handy when you need to get a good deal on those college textbooks fast.

Two-Day shipping with Amazon Prime Student

Get Grub Hub+ For Free

Amazon Prime Student offers a free year of Grub Hub + to make it easier and cheaper to have your favorite food delivered to campus so you can focus on school and not on trying to find a way to cook ramen in your dorm room.

Cool perks of Amazon Prime Student

:: Amazon is a great resource for your college textbooks. Amazon allows you to rent, buy, and trade your textbooks lowering your costs by a large chunk. Trade your old textbooks for Amazon gift cards you can use to buy or rent your next set of textbooks no matter where you bought your textbook from. You get to enjoy getting up to 80% of your textbooks value back at the end of your class.

:: I LOVE Kindle. Having an entire library at my fingertips is one of my favorite things about modern technology. I’d be in heaven living in a library but not enough book shelves will fit in my house unless I want to kick the other 7 people and all their stuff out. Amazon Prime offers a great add-on Kindle Unlimited opening up more books than you could ever dream of reading. Amazon Prime Student gets it for free.

:: If you like to game on your time off playing games like Gretchen Impact or Call of Duty you can get great in-game perks from Prime Gaming. My teens love this feature from our Amazon Prime account.

:: If you are looking for a way to help lower your stress levels? Take advantage of the free 3 month subscription to Calm to help you stay calm when school and exams get stressful.

Looking for entertainment? Amazon Prime Student has that too.

Along with endless reading, you also get to enjoy unlimited Prime video streaming which saves you a pretty penny over cable services and even Netflix if you are not a big tv watcher. This is great for relaxing and enjoying a movie after a long stressful day, grab some snacks and invite your friends to some money on your social life as well. Goodness knows you need to save every dime you can right?

If you are a video game you will love the new Twitch Prime trial you get to enjoy with your Amazon Prime Student subscription. Each month you get cool in-game loot to make playing your favorite games all that more fun when you know you really should be writing that research paper due tomorrow… but who am I to judge this post should have been done two weeks ago…

Want more perks from your Amazon Prime Student membership?

Save on college expenses with Amazon Prime Student

One of the best perks of Prime is early access to amazing sales and a whole day every year of nothing but sales only prime members can enjoy. Checking these sales is a great way to save money on everyday essentials and even your holiday shopping. You never know what you will find.

Your Amazon Prime Student membership comes with unlimited photo storage that lets you never loose a photo packed with college memories no matter what happens to your phone at that awesome party that you can’t quite remember the next day.

I love my Amazon Prime membership and couldn’t do without it when random things come up and I don’t have the chance to grab it from the store. It so much easier to order a bulk restock of the kids Zollipops than it is to run to the local supermarket that carries a pack that would last a day. Life is good with Prime.

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