How to Save Money on Kids Clothes

I have a handful of children. One thing I know is that kids grow like weeds and outgrow clothes so fast. My son despite outgrowing clothes faster than I ever imagined he has a habit of destroying them. I often wonder how a kid can damage his clothing so badly. I had to find tricks on how to save money on kids clothes or it would be a HUGE chunk of our budget.

How to Save Money on Kids Clothes

How to save money on kids clothes with smart shopping

Buy kids clothes on clearance. I love this time of year. Every time I go into the store I get super excited over the clearance racks. I have scored everything from $1 pajama sets to $2 staples like sweats and t-shirts. My sister and I had a ball hunting down the sizes on my list for the next few months and next year. Clearance is great because I love getting brand new items for resale prices.

Buy kids clothes used. This is a great way to save big on play clothes that will not last long and items that they may only wear once before out growing. Not use in paying full price for that Easter dress that will only be used once. And if you buy it used you will not feel bad letting your little one wear it for play after the holiday.

Keep a list of what is needed in the next few sizes up. This is a great way to take advantage of deals. You always know what is needed and never over buy wasting money on items your child will not be able to use before outgrowing.

How to Save Money on Kids Clothes

Take advantage of hand me downs to save money on kids clothes

In the younger years, basics like solids and gender neutral prints are a great way to save money on kids clothes.  We have a pair of baby sweat pants every child has worn. I baught those on clearance 9 years ago and boy where they a good investment. By shopping for basics this way I get more for my money. As kids age Cothes begin to be cut differently so this gets harder but you can still pass down dark solid colored t-shirts.

Save or swap clothes that are in good shape. This is a great way to get more for your money. Kids out grow clothing so fast. If you don’t have other children to pass clothing down to right away save them in well labled plastic totes or arrage a clothing swap with your friends and family so everyone can save on kids clothes.

Want to save even more money on kids clothes? Check out these tips for getting stains out and this great post on how to save on laundry costs.

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