Signs That You Need to Change the Spark Plug of Your Lawnmower

A lawnmower solely runs with the help of the engine in it, which has to be provided with power using the spark plug. The spark plug of a lawnmower is made up of an electrode in the center and this electrode is covered with a porcelain sheath. As the spark plug gets old, it can cause troubles with the mowing. As time passes, you need to change the spark plug of your lawnmower so you mow the lawn without any difficulty. Here are some signs that you need to buy a new lawnmower spark plug.

When is it time to change a spark plug

Difficult to start

When the spark plug of a lawnmower goes bad, the very first and most observable change in the way a lawnmower works is that it takes a lot of time to start. You will have to pull the starter rope way too many times to start the lawnmower than you normally would. This is because, with time, the spark plug fails to create enough spark needed to ignite the engine. Furthermore, even the lawn tractor of the lawnmower takes a lot of time to start despite turning the key.

Excessive consumption of fuel

As you begin using your lawnmower after you buy and use it for a while, you will know how much fuel it takes to mow the lawn. However, as your spark plug goes bad, the lawnmower would start using a lot more fuel than normal. This is because a bad spark does not burn the gasoline efficiently, therefore increasing the consumption of fuel. Sometimes, since the gasoline doesn’t burn properly, you would even be able to smell raw gasoline as you mow your lawn.

Poor performance of the engine

Even after several trials of pulling the starter rope, you manage to start the mower; the engine might die out soon after. If this happens, you know how to tell if lawn mower spark plug is bad. And since the engine keeps dying after a few minutes, you would again have to put so much effort to start the lawnmower again.

The looks of it

If you experiencing these signs in your lawnmower, examining the spark plug would help you confirm if it’s all because of the spark plug or not. A normal spark plug has a flat top in its center electrode. But if it’s rounded, this means you need to replace the spark plug of your lawnmower. Even if you find cracks or chips in the porcelain layer of the spark plug, it’s an indication that you need to change the spark plug.

These are some of the signs that you need to replace your existing spark plug with a new one. These signs are so hard to work with, that without replacing the old spark plug, you wouldn’t be able to use your lawnmower effortlessly. While everything might seem wrong with the lawnmower, once you get the spark plug changed, your lawnmower would start performing normally.

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