Simple Homeschool Mornings with Kids

I used to be a morning person. Up with the roosters at the crack of dawn full of energy and ready to tackle the day.  While my body is still a mess from our loss and rainbow baby I just don’t have it in me to wake with the sun and start tackling my to-do list. Nowadays mornings are slow going. It is another reason I am so grateful for homeschooling. I cringe when the neighborhood kids are out yelling on their way to the bus that always backs up in front of our house before the sun even comes up. I love that we have the option to make mornings easy going as often as we want.

Simple Homeschool mornings

It’s truly a privilege to stay up as late as I want working away after the kids are asleep then lazy around in bed nursing the baby until 8 or so. My advice to new homeschool moms for the morning is to skip it. Spend the first half of the morning pretending its the weekend. Lay around in bed as your kids climb in with you and start the day off with laughs and giggles. Life doesn’t get any better than that.

Make homeschool mornings simple

Start the day as a family. When everyone is ready to get moving head on down and start getting breakfast ready as a family. Our kitchen is small and it can get crazy but I wouldn’t trade mornings with music blaring and the kids helping get breakfast going for anything. When you homeschool life can become your child’s education and you can take advantage of the every day. Use this time to teach your children to cook. Prepping lunch and dinner, while breakfast is cooking, will set your day up for success.

Simple Homeschool Mornings

Spend some time getting chores done early so you can set them aside for the day and spend more time where it really matters. Toss a load of laundry in, send the kids to make their beds, and have the kids do a quick pick up around the house. Get everyone up and moving and you can enjoy the day without an abrupt start.

A benefit to lazy and relaxed mornings is you don’t start your day out with stress. By around 10 we dive into lessons and no one is stressing so we can enjoy school more and the children retain things better than they would in a high-stress situation.

I used to spend every night up late planning lessons for the next day. Taking hours of my time to come up with a themed art project, dig out the supplies, and find a book in our collection to go with it. Finding videos and games. If I did not stay up the night before mornings where a mess. To take away that stress I use a premade early childhood curriculum from Mother Goose Time. Everything is ready for us to start our day off on the right foot before moving on to lessons for the big kids. Each day is in its own bag expanding on a particular part of the monthly theme in a fun and hands-on way that each of my children from the oldest to the baby enjoys. I love that it makes life simple for me.


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