Simple Steps to go Green: Dryer Balls

I’m a line dry kinda girl really. No shock there I have been drying out on the lines as much as I could since Kansas. Something about hanging things out counting, adding, subtracting clothespins with a little one just makes a warm morning feel good. Sadly winters now we back home are not exactly line drying friendly. Sure I have a rack in the house for small things and the stuff that can’t go in a dryer but for the most part, a dryer is a bit of a necessity.

Wool Dryer Balls

We use the dryer at the laundry matt. My sister and I got it down to a science after a flood when we managed to get in and out with 19 loads of laundry in just about 2 hours. Yes, we have mastered how to save time but we still use way too much power running so many dryers at once.

Going green with wool dryer balls

Most of our laundry is done at home but our bulk laundry method is vital to my seasonal turnover. Over 30 blankets take way too much time to wash, dry, and store away for next year. So I wanted to reduce the amount of energy used to get this massive change over done. With a little research, I decided to snag some wool dryer balls to try out. After all with a large family, you leave behind a large carbon footprint and every bit helps.

6 dryer balls arrived from Amazon the same week my trial from Mighty Fix (If you want to give this a try use code INVITE7 to save $7 off your first fix) showed up. We were armed with 9 brand new wool dryer balls and ready to give them a try.

Go green with wool dryer balls

Grandma, monkey, and I took a batch of blankets, towels, and fuzzy pajamas up for a good wash and dry. The kinda stuff that seems to take a lifetime to dry. We tossed in 2 fuzzy wool balls in each of the dryers… Went hunting for the 9th ball. It just so happens Rascal took off with it and added to his pile of cat toys.

I tossed a few drops of lemon essential oil onto the dryer balls but the fragrance did not really last on the laundry. As we don’t use dryer sheets I don’t mind though. The laundry did dry a bit faster. Each load taking only about 30 minutes which is pretty good for towels and blankets.

Go Green with wool dryer balls

The children love the soft texture of the dryer balls and the baby can be found dragging them out for herself. It’s not uncommon to find the soft, fluffy balls wondering around the house now between laundry. They were a good investment for our family for both energy savings and a green toy. Who would have guessed?

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Have you tried wool dryer balls yet?

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