Simple Ways to Boost Your Landscaping This Summer

Americans spent approximately $394 billion upgrading their properties in 2018, which involved everything from improving their homes to boosting the curb appeal of their landscapes. If you’ve been considering some upgrades, you certainly aren’t alone.

Consider these easy ways to increase your property value, while also making sure you enjoy your home as much as possible, this summer:

Add Flower Beds for a Pop of Color

Even if you’ve never gardened before, flower beds are a fun way to dress up your property. There are many varieties that are simple to grow, like daffodils and petunias. If you don’t feel comfortable installing the beds yourself, you can always reach out to a local contractor to handle those details before selecting the flowers that you’d like best.

Install a Deck or Patio

According to a 2017 consumer survey by the HPBA, the BBQ industry is booming and expected to continue to grow. You can enjoy a bit of outdoor cooking fun when you have a contractor install a deck or small patio. Then, equip it with the grill and tools of your choice. Cooking outdoors is fun and easy, allowing you to try a variety of new recipes. This addition to your home also dramatically boosts your property values by adding extra curb appeal.

Build a Privacy Fence or Add Foliage

Consider installing a privacy fence, trees, or bushes to break up the line of sight leading to your property. This helps keep your yard private and allows your family to enjoy activities like gardening, swimming, and relaxing without worrying about prying eyes. Be sure to check the laws for your local municipality before you start to build. For example, in California, property owners have to give 30 days’ notice to their neighbors if they’ll be excavating for a fence or other structure.

Dress Up Your Front Walkway

Spend some time evaluating what you’d like your front walkway to look like, then speak with a local contractor to help make those visions come true. Whether you’ve always wanted an inset stone path, a brick sidewalk, or a concrete walk lined with attractive landscaping, an upgraded walkway helps make a great first impression on visitors and potential buyers alike. Dressing up your front walkway is a wonderful way to increase your home’s value and enhance your property in a way that you can enjoy every day.

Install Exterior Lights

Adding exterior lights is a great way to make sure that everyone entering and exiting your home is as safe as possible. These lights also enhance your overall home security. If you aren’t able to install these on your own, speak with a local contractor or security firm for an estimate. They’ll evaluate your property and help you decide what you’re most in need of to keep everyone safe.

Create an Outdoor Firepit

A firepit is a great spot for outdoor social gatherings throughout the year, whether you’re roasting marshmallows in the summer or telling ghost stories in the fall. Consider adding this unique gathering point to your property so that your friends and family can spend time socializing outside no matter the season.

Upgrading your property to enhance the curb appeal doesn’t have to be a difficult proposition. If you aren’t able to make improvements yourself, local contracting firms are typically able to assist with these kinds of small jobs throughout the year. Each improvement that you make to your property helps enhance the value but also allows you to enjoy it more during the time that you own it. Adding features like safety lights, an attractive walkway, or the patio or garden that you’ve always wanted are a wonderful way to enjoy the home that you’re currently living in.

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