Spruce Up Your Landscape With New Fencing

Many people overlook fencing when they are considering how to improve their landscaping. It’s seen as a necessary — yet ugly — fixture that goes around the entire yard. However, fencing can be a simple and lovely way to improve your landscaping

. It’s quick too, with Home Advisor stating that professional installation techs can fence an average property in 20 to 35 hours. Here are some ways you can use new fencing to spruce up your landscaping.

Define Property Lines

If you have neighbors, it can sometimes be difficult to find where the property line for your home and theirs is. This can lead to tension, especially if you have plants that might or might not be growing over the property line.

Using fence types to define your property lines can be a great way to add tight edges to your landscaping and keep it from spilling over to your neighbor’s yard, where it could be damaged. Before hiring an installation crew, go to your local government and make sure you have the official property lines designated. That way, you’ll be sure you have the fence in the correct location from the start.

Add a Sense of Style

Fencing goes far beyond chain link or simple wooden planks. There are so many types of fencing you can use to add style to your house. Consider what kind of aesthetic your landscaping leans toward. Are you interested in an old-fashioned country home appearance?

Maybe you like unique vintage vibes for your backyard. Use these questions to start looking at fencing materials and designs that appeal to you. Like all aspects of landscaping, the type of fencing you choose will have an impact on the overall design of your backyard.

Your landscaping affects the value of your home. In fact, a study by Virginia Tech shows that landscaping increases your home’s real estate value by 15%. So take some time to consider what your options are and how you want to use them.

Consider Privacy Needs

Fences are an essential part of adding privacy to your house. It blocks people from seeing in, whether they are right next door or just driving by. However, the type of fence you choose for this purpose should depend on what your needs are.

After all, a short fence might look nice, but it won’t keep your neighbors from seeing into your second-story bedroom. You can get the privacy you need from your fencing while still sprucing up your landscaping. Privacy was a factor during the boom in fencing installation from 2019 to now with the rise in the housing market.

Fencing went up 166% due to privacy, no-contact installation options, and an overall increase in outdoor living. This means that there are many options available to you.

Protect Your Plants

Your fencing can also play a role in protecting your plants from different threats. Putting cages around certain plants can be part of your landscaping’s fencing while also preventing animals from eating them. Some fences look very nice with morning glories or other climbing plants over them.

Landscaping is an investment, so you want to make sure you can take care of it in the long run. Having a fence that takes on some of the load will keep your landscaping looking nice for a long time.

Your landscaping is impacted by all the different things you do in your yard. If you haven’t considered fencing, it could be an excellent addition to your house and yard. Not only is it practical, providing privacy and security, but it can also be beautiful.

The right fencing will add visual appeal to your garden, making your yard a more pleasant place to be while also increasing your curb appeal.

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