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Free this week Genesis 1 bible study for kids  NLT ten pagesGenesis 1 The Creation of Our World.
Do you want to teach your child about the wonder of creation? Would you like them to remember the days in which God created each bit of our world? To think about what it would be like to step into Gods shoes creating a connection with the Lord?

This pack is here to help you will find:

3-part cards teaching one line of scripture from each day of creation.
Biblical text teaching that Jesus was present at creation.
Writing prompts like”If I created an animal…”
Questions like “Why do you think God created the world?” and “What did God give us to eat when he created the world?”
Matching image to the day activity allows even your youngest to participate in family bible study time and learn the chronological order of creation.

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This pack contains clip are from This is a ten page digital PDF

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