Summer Crafts For Kids

Summer is here and it’s time to take the kids outside and get a little (or a lot) messy. I love when it is warm enough to take the kids outside and do the fun stuff I avoid during the winter to keep from the house being destroyed. Summer is also the perfect time for themed crafts that can go along with reading and trips to the beach for a fun multi-sensory opportunity. These fun summer crafts for kids are a great way to get the kids outside, getting messy, and learning something new.

Summer Crafts For Kids

Summer Crafts for Kids

From educational to patriotic and just plain messy these summer crafts for kids will keep your little ones busy and out of trouble for the most part. When they are done hose them down in the sprinkler before they come inside.

We love a good project that can teach the kids at the same time. This sand art project teaches kids about force. This is one educational art project I won’t let the kids do inside.

Challenge your kids to get messy and make there own tie-dye shoes this is a great way to make use of canvas shoes you find a deal on. or just spice up a pair from last school year.

Kids love to watch light dance through suncatchers. Try this easy suncatcher craft to keep the kids busy and let the colors shine when the sun dances through the window.

The wind can be just as fascinating to children. Make your own garden wind chimes for a fun way to explore the power of the wind on a nice breezy summer day.

Attract some birds to your garden to observe with this easy bird feeder.

When it comes to science you will be surprised how much is really a good example of art. This project makes a great piece of art for your kid’s room while teaching them about friction.

Chalk is a great way to keep kids busy. You can even use sidewalk chalk for teaching your kids. This easy Homemade sidewalk chalk paint will help keep your kids busy for hours.

I am so making these toddler fairy wings with little lamb before we visit the Michigan Renaissance Festival this fall with all 6 kids in tow.

These cute ladybug painted rocks are a great addition to the summer garden.

Seashell painting is a great way to turn something from your beach vacation into a fun craft to cherish for a lifetime.

Add a sundial garden to your beautiful thriving garden while making a great way to talk to your child about how the sun moves through the day or as an addition to a summer history lesson.

Make your own face paint to add a bit of fun for the kids to your next summer cookout.

Invite good insects to your garden to control garden pests with this cute ladybug hotel.

sidewalk puffy paint is a great way to keep kids busy for hours. Puffy paint is so much fun and when you can wash it away with the hose and start over it becomes so much more fun.

This year ha been so rainy. Why not work on a science lesson with this summer craft for kids and build a rain gage

I am so making these painted fairy houses with the kids when we work on our projects before the renaissance festival. I expect to spend a lot of time in the children’s area again.

While having some fairy crafting fun why not make a fairy bracelet

This pretend play lemonade stand is easy to make with the littles and will keep them busy all day.


Anyone else remember making friendship bracelets as a kid? This is a great summer craft for kids to make with their friends

If you need something quick and easy to keep the kids busy without making a mess check out this cute coffee filter crab

I am so in love with these seashell creatures

Something about this bubble painting activity just screams playful summer days and I can’t seem to get enough.

Print up this toy car wash and set it up on a cookie sheet for a fun activity for your next road trip.

How cut is this patriotic wand craft

I am so in love with this bug themed tic tac toe

If you collected some seashells at the beach these salt dough pendants are a great way to preserve some memories or make a gift for loved ones.

This handprint sun catcher is just so sweet and perfect to give as a gift to grandparents.

Need an easy upcycled craft for the 4th of July? Try this 4th of July blower

Grab a bottle of dish detergent and make your own bubble solution for hours of bubble blowing fun with these DIY bubble wands

I still can’t get over this bright and cheerful flamingo


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