Tadpoles and Frog Lifecycles

Spring is here or well should be. The blanket of white snow outside makes me question if spring will ever come. The children are in major need of running free on a nice warm day. They don’t do cold and I don’t blame them after hot Kansas summers followed by years in Florida. In the meantime we have been doing our spring theme indoors. Last week we dove head first into frogs and the frog lifecycle.

Frog Lifecycle

Tadpole ribbon dancer

Each month Mother Goose Time sends a ribbon dancing craft for the kids. I love these because they are perfect for helping the littles get out there wiggles. Dancing is such a good thing for the kids and it is a great way to help control my oldest’s ADHD.

The children used crayons to color large craft sticks, more on the lines of small paint stir sticks. While not as bright as paint or markers, I was happy for a less mess option. Then we tied on ribbon to create tadpole tails. Easy and made the kids happy.

tadpole ribbon dancer and frog life-cycle

Frog lifecycle

We pulled out the pattern cards for this day and they were just perfect. This was a great way for the kids to see the repeating pattern of egg to frog in the lifecycle.

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Frog lifecycle and tadpole ribbon dancer

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