Taking Care of People with Disability

When hears about disability, it simply means any condition that makes it quite difficult for a person to carry out particular activities by themselves or communicate with the world around them as normal people do. The disability conditions differ and could be; impairments, cognitive, intellectual, mental, physical, sensory, or a blend of several factors. 

Impairments that result in disability may originate from birth or in the course of life. However irrespective of the condition, people with disabilities need special care and attention; here are some of the basic things that people may have to do for disabled patients. 

Taking care of people with disabilities

Intellectual or developmental disability greatly affects a person’s ability to; live, go to school, work without help, or do some necessities. Thus, people with disabilities may need help with their; cooking, banking, bathing, dressing, paying bills, shopping, running errands, giving medicine, driving, keeping them company, providing emotional support, social situations, health care visits, and jobs. These services can be offered by family members or trained specialists in disability support services.

There are three well-known intellectual or developmental disabilities and these are; down syndrome, autism, and traumatic brain injury known by its acronym TBI. Several families take care of a family member who has an intellectual or developmental disability. It could be a young child, an adult, or a grandparent. Disability support services have trainees that can handle any disability case.

People with disability need patience

One thing disability caregivers need to realize is that disability patients need extra care and patience. They cannot carry out activities like normal people hence lots of patience is needed when dealing with them.

They need to feel loved

People with disabilities may experience mood swings and have low self-esteem issues but family members need to make them feel extra loved, by spending more time with them and treating them like normal humans. This will make them feel loved and will go a long way in boosting their self-confidence and esteem.

Detailed care

People with disabilities need to be extra cared for as there are some cases where everything will need to be handled for them including bathing, cooking, feeding, and dressing them up. Caregivers need to be friendly and nice to them, always telling them happy stories which will set them in a positive mood. They also need to be watched closely so a detailed report can also be given to their doctors by their overall health during their medical sessions. Ensure that all their medications are given as prescribed by the doctor and on time as well. However, If your loved one requires extra health and medical care, You may like to plan their routine with care planning software. This software helps you to manage multiple tasks like health progress notes, day-to-day activities.

Emotional love and support

Always make out time to talk and spend time with disabled patients and let them have friends who they can hang out with as well. This makes them feel that love and support from those around them which is good for their healing process. They also need to undergo therapy and disability programs that are emotionally supportive so they can live each day feeling happy. This is because disabled patients have the tendency of being depressed and having anxiety attacks all the times but with emotional love and support, everything will be fine.

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