Talking to Kids About Sex

Talking to Kids About SexFor Christian parents talking to kids about sex is a challenge.  What do we say? How do we explain God’s purpose of sex?  What if we have sinned sexually ourselves? Talking to kids about sex is one of the hardest things we as parents have to do and we want need to do it right.

When should you talk to your kids about… shhhh… sex?

We live is an over-sexualized culture.  Pedophiles and rapists roam free. Bill boards are plastered with almost pornographic images. Breasts sexualized to the point where using them to feed a baby is considered by many as indecent.  Girls strut around in clothes so skimpy they look as if they are walking the streets.

Every single day your children are bombarded with sexuality and provocative imagery.  What does your child already know about sex? It may be whole lot more than you think. What about sexual abuse in children? Children that have had opened to discussions about sex with parents are more likely to report any abuse.  Children are most vulnerable to abuse between the ages of 7 and 13 (Finkelhor, 1994).  That means your child is at risk of sexual abuse before puberty even though most parents choose to wait until puberty for “The Talk.” Schools are teaching sex ed as young as Kindergarten. While parents usually have the right to pull their child out of the classroom for this, the child is likely to ask fellow students what they did that day.

Who do you want to be the one that teaches your child about sex first? Or do you want them to hear about it from a peer on the playground?

Wait talking to kids about sex? What about their innocence?

In a world where searching Cinderella in Google can pull up porn innocence flies out the door.  Sitting down and explaining sex prepares them to understand that they should close that window and back away. It teaches them to understand that even though it was on the TV when flipping through the channels does not mean it is ok or them to emulate.  By talking with them you are preserving them by teaching them to value their bodies and that sex has a purpose.

Are you lost on how to answer your childs questions about sex? This can help...But how do I have “The Talk” with them?

Well you’re in luck a new guide has just been released on how to talk to your 6-10 year old about sex in a biblical manor.  This program goes over the birds and the bees, difference in boy and girl parts, God’s reason for sex, and the differences between good touch and bad.

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