The Next Big Trend in Kitchen Design: Colorful Appliances

In years past, homeowners have often played it safe. Although even a minor kitchen remodel has an average 82.7% return on investment, those renovations would typically include white cabinetry and subway tiles, with nary a non-neutral element to be found. But that seems to be changing, as consumers are now not so afraid to be bold — and they’re starting with their major kitchen appliances.

Despite the fact that most home appliances use voltages of just 110 to 250 volts, these kitchen mainstays are packing a real punch in other ways. Instead of opting for stainless steel, homeowners are opting for retro-inspired refrigerators, ovens, hoods, and even dishwashers in a rainbow of bright hues. These pieces have always been available, but they’re now more accessible than before.

Brands like Smeg, Big Chill, Northstar, Viking, and others have come out with appliances in tones that might have been shunned a few years ago, like baby blue, cotton candy pink, taxi cab yellow, mint green, and traffic cone orange. But since customers have started to embrace the idea of these statement pieces, they seem to be flying off the shelves.

Rather than paint an accent wall in the kitchen or go overboard with the backsplash, utilizing colorful appliances gives homeowners a way to put their own stamp on the space without committing to a design detail that might make potential buyers run for the hills.

Best of all, you don’t have to eschew an otherwise neutral kitchen; with the appliance as the statement, you can feel free to opt for toned-down elements elsewhere.

In fact, many decor experts say that you might want to ease into the trend and steer clear of making your entire kitchen suite all the same color — a concept that brings those avocado green 1960’s kitchens to mind (while 57% of people surveyed by Furniture Today expressed a preference for vintage pieces, not everyone is quite so bold).

Of course, there are some homeowners who manage to make a kitchen with all-coral appliances or a suite of pale yellow look totally chic. But if you’re looking for a way to try out the trend for yourself despite your misgivings, you can feel free to start off small.

Try out a colorful range (with a matching hood, if you’re feeling brave) or commit yourself to a fridge in something other than basic gray. And if you’re not feeling even that courageous, you might consider getting a colorful toaster or one of those sought-after KitchenAid mixers. Once you get a taste for something a bit bolder, you might change your mind about your major appliances.

While bold appliances may not appeal to every homeowner, they can be a welcome alternative for those suffering from “stainless fatigue.” If you want a way to make your kitchen really pop without being too polarizing, switching out your appliances may be the way to go.

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