Things To Ask When Hiring a Maid Service in Chicago

These days, getting help for your household chores is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Some choose to hire maid services so they can spend more time with their families. Some people also do not have time because of their busy work schedules, so they decide to hire one.

No matter what your reasons are, you can always find a reputable maid service in Chicago to satisfy your criteria of household assistance. So, before deciding on what service to get, here are some of the things you should ask when hiring a maid service.


  • How do they get access to your home?


How they keep your home secure is an important question to ask because it may compromise your safety. Decide whether you will be at home to supervise the cleaning, or you will be out while they do the job. 

In case you choose to go out while they clean, make a precise arrangement with the cleaner on where to find the key and where to leave them after they finish doing their job. If you’re skeptical, you should be at home to supervise the cleaning. This way, you will be able to check the efficiency of their processes, and you will be able to instruct them on how and which parts of your house need cleaning.


  • What are your rates?


Most cleaning services charge per hour, but some can also charge per visit. Some agencies charge depending on the number of employees they send and the complexity of the work at hand. You can ask the cleaning company to visit your place to get an estimate of the rates, including the time they require for cleaning.

After knowing the estimate of how much it would cost to get your house cleaned, you should also ask what services are included. Let the company know of any additional assistance you need, as this may affect the cost.


  • What cleaning equipment is required?


It’s also best to know what cleaning equipment the company would use to complete the job. A good and reputable maid service in Chicago will bring their stuff, but if you’re particular about the tools to use, you ask them to use your own. If you’re concerned about the environmental effects, make sure to advise the company so that they can bring environment-friendly house cleansers.


  • How do you hire your cleaners?


A cleaning service that conducts background checks on its employees is a trustworthy choice to make. They go through a tedious hiring process, and this is one of the advantages of getting a maid service form reputable companies rather than hiring individuals.

As an additional safety measure, you can request for the same house cleaner every time you want your house cleaned. This way, you’re familiar and comfortable with the person cleaning your home.


  • Do we have a contract?


Getting a stranger into your home can be risky, so make sure you have everything in writing before the cleaning takes place. The contract is for you to be protected in case theft and burglary happen under their care. The agreement would also protect you from any agreed services that the company may have failed to do.

Hiring house cleaners have pros and cons. You may choose to hire an individual who may be cheaper, but satisfaction is not guaranteed since no company rules and regulations bind them. Hiring a cleaner from a company may come with a price, but there are more benefits. 

There may be disadvantages of hiring a house help, but the advantages of engaging the help of a reputable cleaning service company surely outweigh the cons.

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