Tips For Growing An Indoor Herb Garden

This year we have a ton of construction happening near the house. I decided instead of focusing on an outdoor garden that would suffer from layers of dust I would put the majority of my focus on my indoor herb garden. Growing plants indoors has many benefits. These herbs can help keep my family healthy by filtering out anything that does get in past the air filters we are putting up around the house. Our Indoor Herb Garden is slowly getting started now it is warming up and I can’t wait to see how it all looks with the plants all over the main living space. Here are the best tips we have found for growing an indoor herb garden.

Tips for a thriving indoor herb garden

Tips For Growing An Indoor Herb Garden

Feed your indoor herb garden

When planting your indoor herb garden mix plenty of compost directly into your potting soil before adding your plants. You do not want to fertilize your indoor herb garden during the growing season or your herbs may have less flavor than you desire. By mixing compost into your soil you can feed them to help them thrive without losing flavor.

If growing hydroponically you will need to add plant food to the water throughout the season. Be careful to not over do it in the 2nd half of the growing season or you could affect the flavor of your herbs. I am in love with these mason jar hydroponic herb planters from Uncommon Goods and are doing a homemade version. I can’t wait to get photos for you when the plants are grown.

Look for plants that grow well indoors and do not need full sun to make it easier to grow an indoor herb garden.

Choosing herbs for your indoor herb garden

Growing herbs indoors means you can enjoy fresh herbs in your kitchen year round. Fresh herbs have a slightly milder flavor than dried herbs and can add new notes to even your favorite dishes. Indoor herb gardens can come in many sizes and can make a great addition to your home. When choosing herbs for your indoor herb garden opt for herbs that you enjoy using in your cooking already and maybe add a new herb or two to try.

The types of herbs you can grow indoors will vary greatly by the season and where you live. You can grow nearly any leafy herb with a nice size window int he warmer sunnier months. To keep your indoor herb garden thriving in the winter you can add grow lights to provide them with enough light to thrive when the sun is not out as much.

Do not use up valuable space in your herb garden for plants you do not even like to use. When planting in limited space indoors each pot and planter is valuable space that can be used to grow more of your favorite most often used herbs.

Tips for growing herbs indoors

Indoor plants can become root bound in pots and planters. You can re-pot them as they grow. Offen splitting them can be a great way to have more plants in your home or to pass on new plants to other gardeners. To help keep your plants in the same pots longer make a point of trimming and harvesting them often.

Use mulch even on your indoor herbs. While you may not have a high risk of insects and weeds bothering your plant’s mulch can be valuable in keeping them from drying out between waterings on hot summer days. This can also help reduce the humidity in your home as well.

Get creative when choosing posts for your indoor herb garden. It is okay to have a little fun and choose ones that add a pop of color or interest to your room. Your indoor herb garden will become part of your home decor so have fun with it. You can even make a point to think outside of the box. Galvanized tubs and pretty baskets make great planters that can mix well into your home. We have a lot of odds and ends in ours this year from teapots with lids long gone or broken to soup cups and crocks that have chipped and can no longer be used.

Don’t be afraid to accent your plants. Particularly in the early days when they are not big and leafy yet. Painted rocks, fairy house miniatures, mini garden gnomes, and other odds and ends all make great additions to your indoor plant posts. As the leaves grow over them each will be a hidden treasure your guests can get a peek at as they look around.

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