Tips For Healthy Athletic Kids

Sports are great for wearing kids out and giving them something to do instead of getting into trouble when they get bored. Athletic kids need a bit more to stay healthy than less active children. Built Bar sent us a box of protein bars to review last week and the kids and I cat down to talk about how protein bars are a great way to give our bodies what they need after being very active. Then we talked about other things we can do to keep the young athletes in our family healthy.

Built Bar Review

Tips for healthy athletic kids

Pack plenty of water. From practice to games and meets athletic kids need plenty of water to stay hydrated. Dehydration can lead to illness, injury, and low performance. While athletic drinks can be a great addition you can’t beat water when it comes to giving your child’s body what they need.

Good shoes protect your child’s feet, legs, and spine from injury in high impact sports that include a lot of running. Don’t skimp out on shoes for your young athlete and for the best results have your child use different shoes for everyday use and sports use. This will keep the good shoes from wearing out too fast allowing them to provide adequate support for longer.

Provide your athlete with plenty of snacks. Athletic kids can work up quite an appetite while they are working out. This means they need healthy food to munch on more than ever. Pretzels and bananas make a great option for fighting off the loss of vitamins and minerals they lose when they sweat. Along with recovery from sweating you want to provide your child with a quality protein that will allow their muscles to grow and repair.

Give your child tools to use at home to gain strength and flexibility to prevent injury. From dumbells to resistance bands and yoga mats you have plenty of cost-effective ways to build up a collection fo fitness tools to help your young athlete grow big and strong.

Built Bar Review

Tips For Healthy Athletic Kids

Built Bar is a relatively new protein bar that is currently only available online. While I am a huge fan of grabbing protein bars from the grocery store they often can helve a weird taste and texture to them that the kids are not always a big fan of. They were excited to try these new bars. Built bar sent us a verity back that allowed the kids to really get a taste for them.

The kids got to try all of the regularly available flavors. The only one they were not a fan of wast the coconut. They were really hoping it would have more of a candy bar texture with real shredded coconut. The texture of built bars is a thick creamy center coated in sweet chocolate. There is no grit like many other protein bars have. This makes them a great option for kids and teens as well and as adults, because they satisfy that craving for

It is summer here and the thought of protein bars made with chocolate being shipped seemed a bit risky to me but Built Bar had that all figured out. They shipped with a gel refrigerant ice pack that can be tossed in the freezer and use to keep your child,s sports snacks nice and cold even on hot summer days.

built bar

Best of all these protein bars do not use artificial food eyes that we have to avoid with our ADHD children. This means they are safe for them to eat without me having to check the label of each and every flavor. I froze one to get a nice slice to show you the inside. This is strawberry one of the kid’s favorites and there’s no face icky red coloring.

You can snag a sampler box of Built Bars from your self to give a try. Use the special code they cage us SIMPLE to get 10% off your order to try these protein bars out for yourself.

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