10 Ways You Can Use Beer In Your Garden

Summer barbecue season is fast approaching and that means you may find yourself wondering what to do with old beer from your summer parties. The good news is that this common clean-up problem can actually become a great asset to your garden this summer. You can use diluted beer for plants or use that stale beer that has been sitting out to help with pest control in your garden. Let’s look at 10 ways you can use beer in your garden.

Instead, use that beer for garden growth and pest control, as an organic lawn fertilizer, or even for pest control in your garden. You will be amazed at the ways you can use beer in your garden.

using beer for your garden

Can you use beer in your garden?

Beer is packed with beneficial bacteria yeast, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. These nutrients work well together helping gardens thrive. It makes a great not waste solution to gardening and can save you money on your garden by eliminating expensive fertilizers from your shopping list.

1. Beer makes a great addition to your compost.

If you have ever wondered about what creative things could go into your compost you would be shocked and some of the unexpected things that can really help your garden thrive.

Beer and wine are great for putting in your compost. The yeast and nitrogen, ammonia in beer make a great starter to speed up the composting process. Using old beer is much cheaper than using a store-bought compost booster. We are all about the frugal and sustainable garden tricks to save money on your garden.

2. Fertilize demanding plants

If you have ever tried to grow tomato plants you know you have to add plenty of nutrients to the sold to make them happy. Many gardeners recommend Epsom salt for the magnesium your plants like tomatoes need to thrive.

Thanks to the magnesium and other nutrients you can use beer as a fertilizer for tomatoes, potatoes, and other hungry plants in your garden. You can dump the beer directly at the base of these plants to help them produce more fruit. This is a quick and easy way to feed your plants and clean up after your summer parties at once.

What plants benefit from beer?

Believe it or not, adding beer to your garden can benefit a few different plants in various ways. Here are a few examples:

Tomatoes: Adding beer to your tomato plants can help deter pests like slugs and snails. Simply pour a small amount of beer into a shallow container and place it near your tomato plants. The slugs and snails will be attracted to the beer and will fall in, preventing them from munching on your tomatoes.

Roses: Beer can also be beneficial for roses. The sugars and yeast in beer can help stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, which can lead to healthier rose plants. Additionally, spraying a diluted solution of beer on your rose plants can help prevent fungal diseases.

Hops: Hops are a type of plant that are used to make beer, and they can also benefit from a little extra beer in their soil. Hops are heavy feeders and require a lot of nutrients to grow, and the nutrients found in beer can help provide them with the nourishment they need. Ironically hops are an ingredient in many beers.

Peppers: Like tomatoes, peppers can also benefit from beer as a slug and snail deterrent. Simply place shallow containers of beer near your pepper plants to keep these pests at bay.

It’s important to note that while beer can be beneficial for certain plants, it should be used in moderation. Too much beer can actually be harmful to plants, so be sure to use it sparingly. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to do some research on the specific plants in your garden to determine whether or not beer is a good addition for them.

3. Use beer as a whole lawn and garden fertilizer

If you are in need of a whole lawn and garden fertilizer beer is a great option for gardening. Beer can attract slugs and snails so if you will be proving over a large area it is best to dilute well.

You can use a garden sprayer like is often used for pest control or grab an attachment for your garden hose to help spread it around while watering your lawn and garden. Beer will help build up your garden soil.

4. Use beer to get rid of slugs and snails

Slugs and snails can destroy your garden by feeding on your leafy plants. they will happily eat entire plants in just a few days if left unchecked. This can be devastating to a group of greens or herbs that your family relies on from your garden. 

Slugs and snails will crawl right into a pie pan full of beer leaving your plants alone and drowning in the alcohol. You can cut a couple of flaps into a food storage container for a covered option that can be left out in the rain without diluting the beer.

5. Make a fruit fly trap

Fruit flies can become a major issue if you grow berries or have a compost bin. To get rid of fruit flies make a simple fruit fly trap.

Place old beer into a jar and add a few drops of Dawn Dish Detergent. Place this in areas the fruit flies are taking over. this will attract them and they will fall into the jar and drown.

6. Use for an effective wasp trap

Have a problem with wasps causing trouble in your garden. You can use beer to get rid of wasps in your garden. Build a wasp trap with a 2-liter bottle.

Cut the top off and place it inside the lower half of the bottle. Tape along the edges. Fill about halfway with beer. The wasps will enter the bottle in an effort to get to the beer. The wasps will enter and be unable to escape and terrorize your garden or you while you are working on it.

Last year we had a wasp issue out in the ice cream truck that is parked in the backyard. this helped to deal with the situation allowing the kids to have fun using the ice cream truck as a clubhouse during the summer.

7. Attract butterflies to your garden.

While beer can be used to attract pests to their doom it can also be used to attract valuable pollinators. By attracting butterflies you can use beer for garden growth and more fruit.

Try placing a pan of this butterfly-attracting meal into your garden and watch them come from miles around.

  • 5 Overripe Bananas
  • 1 Cup of Brown Cane Sugar
  • 1 1-2 cup beer

Mash up the bananas and mix everything together to form a thick paste. Leave this in a space up off the ground to avoid attracting ants and other unwanted bugs.

8. Attract bees to your garden.

Butterflies are not the only ones that like beer. If you have ever sat outside with a cold one on a hot day you know bees love beer. Sadly beer also has a tendency to drown them.

To help keep themselves make a feeder for the bees. Sill a shallow dish with pebbles and stones. Pour beer into the dish leaving the tops of the pebbles dry so the bees have a safe place to land.

Use beer bottles in your garden.

The stale liquid isn’t the only way you can use beer for your garden. Those glass beer bottles can be worth saving as well. You can never go wrong with upcycling and finding ways to use old things. Upcycle bottles into other great things for your garden.

9. DIY beer bottle watering globes

  • Save those glass beer bottles to upcycle into automatic watering systems for your potted plants.
  • Use the neck of the bottle to push down into the soil of your potted plants until the bottle holds naturally in place.
  • Remove the bottle and fill it with water.
  • Place the bottle back into the flower pot.

Much like the expensive plant watering bulbs as your potted plant’s soil dries out it will release water from the bottle to keep the soil moist. This is a great way to help your potted plants survive the summer heat.

10. Crafty beer bottle planters

Did you go all out and score some nice local craft beers from your favorite local brewery? Use a bottle cutter to cut off the tops of your beer bottles.

The bottoms can make great mini planters for herbs and small flowers. Place a few together and they can double as a centerpiece for your next party.

Why use beer in the garden?

The thought of using beer for your garden may seem a bit odd to think about but the benefits are well worth doing something a little odd once in a while. Beer is packed with nutrients and beneficial bacteria that can help your garden thrive.

If you choose to use beer in your garden beds be mindful that it also attracts insects so if you are not using beer to attract them be sure to dilute it well to keep slugs, ants, and flies from taking over the garden you worked so hard for.

Warnings about using beer for your garden

While using beer can be very beneficial for your garden you need to be mindful while doing so. If you notice most of the tips that involve pest control using the beer to lure the insects to their death. This is because many insects love beer.

When using beer in your garden be mindful of what you may be attracting. Well, diluted beer is less likely to attract ants, slugs, snails, and other unwanted insects so avoid just dumping undiluted leftover beer right into your garden and walking away.

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