Turkey Tail Mushrooms For Dogs

One of my readers recently asked about giving her dog with lymphoma turkey tail. This is a great way to help keep your dog healthy. Many people do not realize just how good mushrooms are for you. today I would like to take the time to talk to you about this mushroom and how you can use it to help keep your pet healthy. 

First off I would like to say that the advice given here is not a replacement for talking to your veterinarian. You should talk to your veterinarian before adding anything to your pet’s diet and supplement regimen. 

Why are Turkey Tail Mushrooms for Dogs?

Turkey tail mushrooms are good for dogs for several reasons. These beneficial mushrooms contain beta-glucans which are polysaccharides or naturally occurring sugars. 

Turkey Tail boosts your dogs immune system

The immune system is boosted in several ways by Turkey Tail Mushrooms. Their beta-glucan content, for instance, is excellent. As a result of beta-glucans, your dog’s immune system is strengthened and we are protected against bacteria, parasites, and viruses.  

Additionally, they are a natural source of antioxidants (flavonoids and phenols), which protect the cells from the damaging effects of free radicals and prevent oxidative stress. 

Turkey Tail Mushrooms contain prebiotics, which promote gut health. A strong immune system is connected to digestive health since many immune cells are found in the gut. 

Fights Yeast

Yeast is normal on dogs just like it is on humans. If their multiplication becomes out of control, they can cause health issues such as hot spots, itchy skin, infected ears, and stinky feet. Turkey Tail mushrooms can help fight off fungi on a cellular level. 

Healthy Digestive, Urinary, and Respiratory Tracts

By boosting the immune system through beta-glucans and prebiotics, we improve digestive, respiratory, and urinary tract health. Both of these nutrients reduce inflammation. The inflammation reduction offered by Turkey Tail Mushrooms can help to keep the body running in the best shape possible.  

Protects the Liver

A study has shown that the polysaccharides found in Turkey Tail Mushrooms efficiently prevent liver damage. These compounds can help to keep your dog healthier longer.

Risks of Giving Your Dog Turkey Tail

While Turkey Tail Mushrooms are great for your dog they do not come without risk. This is why like with other supplements you should consult your pet’s veterinarian to be sure that the supplement is right for them.

If your dogs are on medications to thin the blood or control blood sugar you should avoid using this supplement as it can cause low blood sugar levels.

There is currently no information on the safety of Turkey Tail on pregnant or lactating dogs.

Can your dog overdose on Turkey Tail mushrooms?

Yes, it is possible to overdose on Turkey Tail Mushrooms. Overdoses in dogs can cause intestinal irritation, or in more severe cases, toxicity. Toxic cases manifest with intense vomiting and diarrhea, lack of appetite, weakness, seizures, and liver damage.

For this reason, your supplements for your dog should be kept up out of reach and in a chew-proof storage container. This will prevent your dog from harming themselves.

The Best Turkey Tail Supplements for dogs

If you are looking for a powdered option that is easy to mix into your pet’s food Four Leaf Rover Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract for an easy and dependable option. Follow the simple doseing instructions on the back to make the most of this supplement that can easily be added to your dog’s favorite foods.

For a ready to serve dog treat try Shroomies Immunity bites. These treats taste great to your dog and have a powerful immunity blend of Turkey Tail, Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, Maitake, Phellinus, Cordyceps, and Reishi Mushrooms. I suggest moving these to a sturdy airtight container that your dog can not get into.

what herbs do you use for your dogs health?

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