What Are the Biggest Home Trends of 2022?

After the effects of the pandemic two years ago, home trends have taken on a new theme. This is as a result of people spending more time indoors and changing the social patterns that they were used to. If you’re wondering about what the biggest home trends for 2022 are, read on to see some of them. Hint, they are more focussed on comfort and efficiency indoors!

Cozy Colors

As people have been spending more of their time indoors, they have developed a preference for warm, cozy colors and hues. These include neutral shades and earthy colors with a lot of inspiration from nature. This may be in a bid to make the house more welcoming and match a theme of wooden fittings and furniture that they may have around the house. For example, stairs with wood accents, according to Houzz, are one of the top 10 most popular options for staircases. This may be motivation enough to get you to make your entire home to match this, especially if your furniture is also wooden or has wooden tones.

Vintage Decor

Another popular home trend is that people are getting more drawn to vintage decor. While this doesn’t necessarily involve performing an overhaul of the entire house to turn it vintage, more people are buying vintage thrift pieces and giving them a new face while maintaining their vintage allure. Some are going all out, while others are instead choosing to mix the old with the new. Others yet are using them minimally, making them a highlight in the house. The best thing about this home trend is that you can personalize it to the degree that you choose and get something that you like.

Indoor Plants

Getting back in touch with nature has not stopped with choosing colors and hues that borrow from nature. Every day, more and more people are choosing to become plant parents and bringing some of the outdoors indoors by buying potted plants. There is a wide variety of plants to choose from with different colors, shapes, and requirements for care. All you need to do is to find a plant that meets your requirements and that you feel you can care for while keeping your house fresh and alive. You can get plants within your budget, especially if you are doing other projects like replacing your insulating glass windows for which the market size, according to Markets and Markets, was $12 billion in 2020.


After the stressful year that just concluded, people buying furniture and making home renovations are realizing that curves have more appeal. They are growing in popularity and leaving straight lines and sharp corners behind. Gentle arcs and soft lines are becoming a lot more prevalent in recent designs and this is one of the home trends that you can expect to see more when you go shopping for home items like furniture and decor and even floor plans for those building their homes.


Finally, more people are becoming aware of the effects of their actions on the environment. This is driving massive changes in different sectors, and home trends have not been left behind. From appliances to decor, everything can be more sustainable if you choose. One of the easiest ways to start living a green life is to switch the light bulbs that you use in your house. LED light bulbs, according to the NY Times, have low heat levels that enable them to last for up to 25,000 hours in use.

These are some of the biggest home trends that you can expect in 2022 and that could inspire you if you intend to make some improvements to your house. Borrow what you can from them and give your home a new life.

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