Substitution For Tomato Sauce: What can you use?

Tomato sauce is one of the most commonly used ingredients in everything from homemade chili to sloppy joes and pasta sauce and my personal favoriteÔÇŽ Pizza. I love a good tomato-based dish and I love adding tomato sauce to everyday dishes like meatloaf for an added dose of flavor

. I do not always keep jars of tomato sauce on had though because it is one of those things we go through faster than I can preserve from the garden. That means sometimes I have to get creative with a substitution for tomato sauce.

What can you use as a substitution for tomato sauce

What can i use as a substitution for tomato sauce?

Easy general substitute for tomato sauce

The easiest substitute for tomato sauce for me is to grab a can of tomato paste. These small cans take up relatively little space and give me room to store them in bulk when I find a sale. These little cans can be stacked in bulk leaving much more room in our food storage space for our family over tomato

When canning tomatoes at home I like to cook the sauce down into a paste to allow me to fit more food in less space then I simply follow up with adding water when I need tomato sauce.

Which is a really big deal when you have a large family. To make this paste into a sauce simply add water until you reach your desired thickness and season to taste.

Using canned tomatoes as a tomato sauce substitution.

All you need to make a quick and easy replacement for tomato sauce is a can of diced tomatoes and a blender or food processor.  To use canned tomatoes just toss them into your blender water and all. Blend either option until smoothe. Season as needed.

Tomatoes can be used to make your own tomato sauce.

Whole, diced, stewed, fresh and crushed tomatoes can all be used to make a tomato sauce of your own. Simply drain any excess water and puree until smooth.

If your tomato sauce comes out too thick add a little water, tomato juice, or red wine vinegar to thin it out. You will need to add plenty of spices and a bit of salt to give your quick homemade tomato sauce flavor.

Waht can you use in plae of tomato sauce in meatloaf

A lot of times when we need tomato sauce it is for a particular part of a recipe like a meatloaf. In place of the tomato sauce topping you can substitute Katch up, barbeque sauce, or any other tomato-based sauce you have on hand.

This will add flavor as well. You may even find your next favorite meatloaf recipe.

What to use on pizza

No tomato sauce for your pizza? You can substitute tomato sauce on pizza with any number of things for fun unique pizzas. Try adding barbecue sauce, white gravy, or even your favorite ranch to swap things out.

For a simple option on your pizza, you can use olive oil in place of tomato sauce to help keep the crust dry drying out and leaving a clean flavor base for your cheese, spices, and toppings.

Try your hand at making your own pizza sauce.

Substitution for tomato sauce for pasta

If you are using tomato sauce for pasta and discover you are out you can do several things. You can make your own with tomato paste or get creative and try something new. A butter garlic sauce is always a great option for serving pasta.

Is tomato sauce and pasta sauce the same thing?

Learn how to salvage that meal when you discovere you are out of tomatoe suace at the last miniute or you just can't get some hwne you need it.

Pasta sauce is made from tomato sauce and seasoned to add flavor. You can make your own pasta sauce with tomato sauce or even use pasta sauce as a substitute for tomato sauce in many dishes.

If you use pasta sauce as a tomato sauce substitute be mindful that the added herbs and spices will change the flavor of your recipe. This makes a great option for pizza, chili, and savory dishes.

Want to add more nutrition to your tomato sauce?

When putting together your own tomato sauce substitute try adding carrot puree.
Your family will never notice the difference and your sauce gets a major nutrition boost perfect for feeding picky eaters.

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