What Do I Need to Plan My Child’s Party at Home?

Your child’s birthday is coming soon, and you want to give them the best party ever. Like most, your child may prefer spending their special day at home with friends and family. Learn how to put that party together by continuing with this article.

Select a Theme for Your Child’s Birthday Party

Start planning by choosing a theme for your child’s birthday party. Remember that it’s your child’s party, so you should go with what they like. If the first idea they mention is a bit rich for your budget, you can ask if they have something else in mind.

Identifying the theme is crucial because it will inform every other planning step. You’ll have more time to prepare for the party, which is helpful if your child selects a difficult theme. Because you already know the theme, you can tell the guests about it so they can dress and pick presents accordingly.

Consider suggesting costume ideas to the guests in the invitations, allowing them to get creative and dress up accordingly. Costumes play a significant role in bringing the chosen theme to life and adding an extra element of fun to the party. Encourage children to choose their own costume as well, as it will make them feel even more immersed in the theme.

Confirm the Number of Guests

You can focus on the guest list now that you have the theme. Ask your child about the people they want to see at their party. Holding separate parties for your child’s friends and family is worth considering. However, that may not be necessary since you’re hosting the party.

Open Up Your Home for the Party

If your kid wants to invite their classmates and extended family, you can use your yard to accommodate everyone. Of course, you must watch out for pests if you do that. According to Consumer Affairs, mosquitoes, termites, and ticks are the pests that pose the most significant threats to people in the United States. Clean your yard and use insect repellents to keep those pests at bay during your child’s party.

Book Portable Toilets

While celebrating your child’s birthday at a location such as the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, IN, with its over 130,000 artifacts, is not a bad idea, having a party at home can save you a lot of money. But there are some amenities you’ll need. Are you looking at a sizable guest list for your kid’s birthday party? If so, your home may lack the features necessary to accommodate all your guests. We’re talking specifically about toilets. You don’t want your guests forming long lines to use the bathroom, so book some portable toilets beforehand.

According to IBISWorld, the portable toilet rental market in the U.S. grew by 2.9% in 2022. With that market growing, you should find some good rental options quickly. Some portable toilets also come with sinks provided. Those would be ideal rentals for your upcoming party.

Create the Menu for the Party

You cannot have a great birthday party without some great food. Decide early on if you will prepare the food from scratch or order from restaurants/caterers. Consider possibly cooking your child’s favorite meal and then leaving the rest of the menu up to catering or delivery.

Coordinate with the restaurants/caterers to ensure that the food will be ready on the day of the party. If you’re going to cook the food, choose dishes that can be prepared ahead of time. That way, you can just finish them in the oven before serving.

Order the Cake Well in Advance

The party food is important, but the birthday cake is essential. That’s the last thing you want to mess up at your child’s party. To avoid issues with your child’s birthday cake, order it well in advance. Getting a custom birthday cake based on your child’s preferred party theme would be ideal.

Consider Hiring a Pet Sitter

Since you’re hosting your child’s birthday party at home, you must be mindful of your pets. Even socialized pets may have trouble being around a lot of visitors. They may feel uncomfortable about seeing so many strangers inside the place they know as home.

Hire a sitter who can watch over your pets to prevent unfortunate accidents. Book them for the day in case the party runs longer than you expected. Hire someone your pets already know so they can feel comfortable and relaxed even without you around.

Planning your child’s party at home doesn’t have to be a difficult undertaking. As long as you take care of the things we listed here, preparations for that party should go smoothly. Check out our website if you’re looking for more parenting and home planning advice!

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