Why DIY Pliers Are Must-Have Home Tools

Do-it-yourself (DIY) home projects require the right tools. These tools can help ease the process, enhance your work, and prevent mistakes. One of the handiest tools you should have is a pair of pliers. 

Pliers have several benefits. Generally, it’s used for gripping materials firmly during a project. So if you regularly do DIY projects or you’ve just started your journey, consider adding a pair of pliers to your toolbox.  

There are over 30 different types of pliers on the market, each with its purpose. Some of these types are the following:

  • Long nose pliers
  • Snap ring pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Canvas pliers
  • Tongue and groove pliers
  • Brake spring pliers
  • Battery pliers
  • Flat nose parallel pliers

The different types can be overwhelming, especially if you’re beginning to collect home tools. But remember that you don’t have to own all of these pliers. Some are more practical than the others, such as flat nose pliers.

Flat Nose Parallel Pliers

Flat nose parallel pliers are ideal for DIY, providing greater grip than scissor-type pliers due to the parallel action jaws that grip over a larger surface area. 

Flat Nose Pliers from Maun

Pliers can help you in many ways, and this guide will give you reasons why they’re a must-have home tool. Read on!

Each Part Of The Pliers Is Handy

The parts of pliers may vary depending on the pliers’ type, but each part serves a specific function. Typically, it consists of the following:

  • Tip: The size of the tip varies depending on the type of pliers you’re using. Some pliers have a narrow tip, allowing you to control your work, especially in tight spaces or objects. On the other hand, you can use pliers with a wider tip if you need to hold on to bolts or metals.
  • Jaws: The jaws come in various sizes and shapes; some are elongated, rounded, and others can be adjusted. You can use the pliers’ jaws to hold the material tightly as you work. These are usually made of texturized steel alloys to help tighten the grip.
  • Pipe Grip:  Similar to the jaws, the pipe grip is used to grip different objects like pipes or loosening screwed tubes. 
  • Cutters:  The cutters can be extremely sharp, and this is because they can be used to cut or strip wires, cables, and other materials.
  • Pivot Point Or Fulcrum: The pivot point or fulcrum is where the handles intersect. This allows the pliers to open and close. Also, some pliers have an adjustable pivot point.
  • Handles: This is where you hold the pliers. They can come in various shapes, lengths, and materials. Most pliers’ handles have rubber sleeves to prevent the tool from slipping from your hand as you work.

To use them properly, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the pliers’ parts.

Benefits Of Having Pliers At Home

Aside from the idea that pliers can ease your DIY home projects, you can use pliers for the following:

  1. Gripping

Pliers are an excellent tool for gripping materials like pipes and metals. For example, you need to loosen nuts and bolts. Sometimes, when these are too tight, using a screwdriver may not be enough. Hence, you can use a pair of pliers, like long nose or combination pliers, to hold and twist the nuts and bolts until they’re completely loosened.

  1. Shaping, Bending, Or Straightening

Pliers give users a mechanical advantage, allowing them to apply extreme torque as they work. This torque force can then be used to shape, straighten, or bend materials, which can be handy, especially when working with electrical cables and metal sheets.  

  1. Splicing And Stripping

You can use pliers to splice and strip different materials for your project. If you are working with electrical cables, you will need pliers. This can help you easily remove the insulation layers as you cut wires. Stripping or combination pliers are effective for these jobs.

  1. Cutting

Pliers are also known as wire cutters. As mentioned, these are commonly used to cut steel, copper, or aluminum wires. In addition, some pliers can trim nails, rivets, and bolts.  

Pliers are a must-have home tool because they can help simplify your home projects or tasks, such as an electrical inspection. So whether you’ve been doing DIY projects for a while or have just begun, adding a pair of pliers to your toolbox is ideal.  

Remember that you don’t have to invest in all types of pliers. It’s best to choose the versatile ones that will be used the most for your projects, such as the flat nose and long nose pliers.

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