Timber is used to make several things especially when it comes to the production of furniture, fuel, paper and cardboard production. Not just that, timber is equally used to make solid cases that can be used to transport things without any hazards.

Timber can equally be used for construction and most people use them in developing countries as fuel. Timber has a lot more natural benefits than it can be imagined thus the reason why many people chose to use it. Why do people use timber?


As timber redevelops, it becomes a renewable supply. The renewal process can be easily maintained as it can be of good help to the earth without draining any resources. Though plenty of timber is always harvested from plantations and forests for the building, it equally becomes helpful still. 

Not only being helpful when used in the building but the plantation equally grows and timber with no doubt is the perfect environmental choice when it comes to building. The best thing is to get a good timber supplier who can supply them in good quality.

Recycled timber’s popularity in the building and renovation scenes has grown rapidly. Local timber suppliers now keep and sell recycled timber regularly, as more people value the aged characteristics of timber.

Carbon neutral

Trees naturally engross CO2 from the sky throughout their existence, and they successfully reprocess the carbon in the sky. In the course of doing so, they absorb and store carbon which aids in keeping the sky peace. 

When a tree gets cut, a majority of the carbon is enclosed forever. Irrespective of the needed energy to log, process and deliver, the timber used for construction reserves more carbon than it is utilized in its manufacture and is, therefore, the lone carbon unbiased building material.

There is no other smart choice to go for when building. Getting timber frequently needs the services of a good timber supplier.

Energy used in production

The energy utilized in a product’s total lifecycle is meaningfully lesser for timber than it is for any other construction material. Energy procedure for abstraction/mowing, transportation, production, and construction demonstrate that alternative construction materials conceal timber in the energy required.


When it comes to insulation, timber possesses just the perfect properties of any needed building material. It is 10 times more solid than concrete, 20 times effective and nicer than bricks and 450 times more enhanced than steel.

Good for fire

Timber is a super flammable material but it burns in a gentle, foreseeable and calculable way. This simply implies that timber is nice and burns well when it comes to fireworks as compared to different materials.

In the course of a fire, a layer of charcoal is always formed at the top of the timber and this aid in maintaining the fire levels and makes it burn more. 

The charcoal layer shields the inner part of the timber and it will reduce the rate at which heat can ooze out, which helps to keep the temperate normal in the unburned timber. This also helps in making the timber burn slowly and makes it last much longer as compared to steel.

The protecting charcoal layer generated in the course of a fire will also reduce the entire fire rate of the timber.

This natural protective device surges the likelihood of a timber building to last in flames while preserving the same strength and stability.

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