Why It’s Always Best To Rent An Allentown PA Property Before You Buy

Allentown, Pennsylvania – this vibrant city is the third-largest in the Keystone State and has a whole lot to offer. From a lively arts scene to picturesque parks, Allentown is undeniably captivating. But if you’re considering settling down here, you might want to hold off on making that big purchase.

Why? Because renting first gives you a lot more than just a temporary roof over your head. It gives you valuable insights into what life is really like in Allentown. So before you commit to a 30-year mortgage, let’s explore the benefits of a trial run through renting.

Know the Area

It’s easy to fall in love with a place during a weekend visit. The charming cafes, friendly neighbors, and local landmarks can quickly sway your heart. However, a few days aren’t enough to know whether a neighborhood is genuinely right for you. Renting offers the opportunity to truly get under the skin of Allentown’s various neighborhoods, from the artsy districts to the quiet suburbs.

The second advantage of renting before buying is your chance to explore community dynamics. You can understand the ebb and flow of local life. Are the schools up to standard? Is the neighborhood safe at night? Does the area suffer from morning traffic bottlenecks? These nuances only become clear after living somewhere for a period, and renting allows you this valuable window of insight without the strings of a long-term commitment.

Lifestyle Choices

Owning your place might seem like the ultimate American dream. You can paint your walls any color, adopt as many pets as you like, and make extensive renovations. However, this creative freedom comes with a catch: maintenance. A home requires constant upkeep, from lawn mowing to roof repairs, taking up much of your free time and finances.

On the flip side, renting is a lifestyle choice that allows you more time for what truly matters. Whether you enjoy exploring the city’s art galleries, trekking in nearby parks, or dining out with friends, not having to worry about home maintenance gives you the freedom to enrich your life in other ways. Many rentals come with the added benefit of services like pest control, trash removal, and general upkeep, allowing you to live a carefree lifestyle without those trips to the hardware store.

Tax Advantages

It’s a common belief that homeownership is the holy grail of tax benefits, particularly with mortgage interest deductions. However, renting isn’t without its perks in this department. Especially for people who work from home or own a business, the ability to write off part of your rent as a business expense is a significant financial plus.

Additionally, depending on the state’s rental laws and your personal circumstances, you might also qualify for renter’s tax credits. These can sometimes balance out the perceived advantages of the mortgage interest deductions homeowners enjoy. And let’s not forget the absence of property taxes for renters, which can sometimes run into thousands of dollars annually for homeowners.

Financial Flexibility

Diving into homeownership is a significant financial move, often involving an intimidating stack of documents and a hefty down payment. Besides, there are closing costs, property taxes, and insurance to consider. Renting, in contrast, offers a financial grace period. Your initial costs typically involve just a security deposit and first month’s rent, significantly lower than what buying requires.

Beyond the upfront expenses, renting provides the ability to adapt to life’s financial ups and downs more easily. What happens if you lose your job or decide to switch careers? With a rental, you’re not tied down by a mortgage and can more freely navigate financial waters. Allentown apartments are diverse, giving you a wide selection. Websites like Rent offer various apartments for rent in Allentown PA, providing you the flexibility to select a home that fits your budget and needs. 

Hassle-Free Moves

The process of selling a home can be daunting. From home staging and photography to liaising with real estate agents and potential buyers, each step can be both time-consuming and stressful. And then there’s the nerve-wracking wait for the right offer to come along.

In stark contrast, the rental process offers much greater ease and flexibility. Your commitment ends when your lease does, giving you the freedom to move on your own terms. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with jobs that require frequent relocations or for those who enjoy changing their living arrangements every few years without the hassle of a complex selling process.

Build Your Credit

A mortgage might seem like the only way to build a strong credit history, but rent payments also contribute when done right. Many property management firms now report on-time rent payments to credit bureaus, adding a positive impact on your credit score.

This system allows you to enhance your creditworthiness while still enjoying the flexibility of renting. In today’s world, a good credit score can significantly affect various aspects of your life, from the interest rates on loans and credit cards to your ability to land a great job or rent a different property.

Try Before You Buy

Think of renting as the dating phase before the marriage to homeownership. It allows you to test out various living conditions and neighborhoods, figuring out your priorities and deal-breakers. Do you enjoy the vibrant, bustling atmosphere of downtown, or do you prefer the tranquility of the suburbs? Are amenities like a gym or a swimming pool essential for you?

Once you decide to buy, you’ll be armed with this valuable knowledge, enabling you to choose a property that truly fits your lifestyle and needs. You’ll be able to assess whether that extra bedroom is genuinely needed or if living closer to work is more beneficial than initially thought. You will make a far more informed decision, and your future self will thank you for it.

Emotional Peace of Mind

There’s no denying that owning a home brings a sense of accomplishment and stability. However, it also carries a fair amount of stress. You worry about property values, surprise repairs, and the overall upkeep. These concerns can sometimes overshadow the joys of homeownership. Renting can offer a mental reprieve from such stresses. 


From financial flexibility and lifestyle choices to lesser risks and building credit, renting offers an assortment of benefits. When you do decide to make the big purchase, you’ll be doing so with a clearer understanding of what you’re getting into. So go ahead, rent a little, experience Allentown, and make a well-informed decision about your forever home.

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