Why You Might Choose Homeschooling in 2022

More parents than ever before are considering homeschooling their children. Apart from the new normal that had to be enforced during and after the pandemic hit in 2020, other factors play a role in this. Have a look below to see some of them and understand why you may choose to homeschool your children in 2022.

It Will Improve Their Safety

For many families, the COVID-19 risk is still fresh in their minds. It’s become a priority for them to stay healthy and minimize the risk of getting infected. This has made getting a quality education complicated for some students, especially those with a high-risk background. Homeschooling makes sure that there’s minimal chance of your child contracting the disease, as you don’t worry about them following all the safety measures they need to. Safety measures include the top three ways of avoiding spreading the virus, like keeping a distance between yourself and other people, frequently washing your hands, and wearing a face mask.

You Can Customize Accordingly

The second attraction to homeschooling for most parents is that it’s possible to customize the syllabus accordingly. Since you know your child well, you’re in a better position to offer them what they need to ensure they learn effectively. This minimizes the risk of failed classes as you will be able to work with your child to effectively prepare for any exams that will be used to check their academic abilities.

It Can Save You Money

The fact that rates of unemployment have risen from 3.5% to 11.1% since March 2020, with a real rate of 18%, means that more people are having to rewrite their budgets. While this may not be the main attraction to homeschooling, it can have a significant role to play in the matter. Taking children to school, whether public or private, will have some costs associated with it. When compared to homeschooling, these costs are a lot lower, so it’s easy to see how you can benefit financially from homeschooling.

It Improves the Bond Between Parent and Child

As you will spend more time taking your child through the course outlines, you will invariably spend a lot more time with them. This will help you get closer to them as a parent, something that both of you can benefit from. You will get to know your child better and appreciate their strengths and flaws, working to improve them over time. You will also understand their needs better and become better able to solve any issues they may encounter as they navigate their way through life.

It’s Overall Healthier

Finally, we can all agree that homeschooling is going to be healthier in general for your child. Besides the lower risk of contracting an infectious illness, you will be in control of their meals to a greater degree. You will therefore be able to offer them healthy meals and cut out snacks and other food items that have no benefit to a developing mind and body better than you could have with them going to school. With improved health, there will be a lowered need to deal with hospitals and issues they may be facing. These include non-profit hospitals that don’t comply with the standards set by the Community Health Needs Assessment being subject to a fine of $50,000 as well as having a jeopardized tax exemption in the future.

If you’re drawn to the benefits you stand to get from homeschooling your children as outlined above, then it’s your sign to go ahead and start. Talk to your child and find out if they would also enjoy being homeschooled, and if they would, you can get set up fast and easily to begin.

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