Why You Should Settle in Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville in South Carolina is one of the fastest expanding urban hubs in the state, with a total population of 64,061 in diverse demographics. The county has the right mixture of commercial establishments and scenic views, thereby giving its residents that distinct suburban vibe.

Greenville ranks first as the best place to live for working families, and 10th among 190 best areas to live for starting families. As such, it’s one of the fastest emerging areas for career development, family activities, and even tourism. These data attract potential migrants; thus, constituting a high demand for homes for sale in Greenville, SC

Business Hub for Professionals

In general, the county has a developing local economy with a projected growth of 41.15% for the next ten years. 

  1. Greenville projects a positive outlook on the business economy with its high volume of corporate headquarters. It has low taxation costs and high infrastructure investment, which further attracts businesses and expands market accessibility.
  2. The employment rate increased to about 2.85%, while the unemployment rate decreased to about 4.5% this year. These data reveal promising opportunities for young working professionals. More importantly, there is about 87% of white-collar job employment in the city, with career starters venturing in sales, administrative support, and managerial roles.
  3. The county is conveniently in the center of metropolitan areas and natural attractions. It’s near major cities like Atlanta, Knoxville, and Charleston. Meanwhile, it’s also a few hours’ drive away from beach coasts and mountain trails.
  4. The booming business landscape in the county enabled residents to blend global business culture and local entrepreneurship, resulting in a friendly atmosphere of multiculturality. 


Home for Families and Tourists

More than practical reasons, Greenville is also an excellent place for families and tourists. Here are some of the reasons why. 

  1. Considering its abundance of commercial and recreational features, it’s not uncommon to find plenty of homes for sale in Greenville, SC, which are relatively affordable. The housing and daily cost of living is pretty decent too, which is about 13% lower than the average.
  2. Greenville is one of the best settlement areas for young families because it boasts of an excellent school system. It’s the 44th most extensive public system in the United States, and 63.1% of the teachers have a master’s degree, which ensures educational quality for students. Further, the district has the best liberal arts programs for college students.  
  3. The county has considerably good weather throughout the year, with its average of 221 days of sunny climate.
  4. The county has a modern suburban vibe because it shelters rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and mountains. They do not only give relaxing views, but they are also getting optimized for outdoor activities like river rafting, mountain biking, and skating.
  5. The county is also known for its dynamic food scene, which attracts tourists who are food enthusiasts. A wide array of restaurants offers diverse cuisines and delectable culinary experiences. Each restaurant has a distinct vibe, and you can try out both traditional southern food and modern dishes. 
  6. Greenville has a vibrant art scene with its various music and cultural activities throughout the year. It also boasts of museums that showcase world-class talents like Botticelli. Meanwhile, numerous entertainment centers regularly host concerts, Broadway shows, and film screenings.

The city of Greenville in South Carolina has a dynamic business climate that provides opportunities for professionals. Conversely, its suburban vibe attracts many American families to settle here. 

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