10 Creative Ways Teens Can Make Money

Finding a job right now as a teen when everyone is looking for jobs is really difficult. You are competing with a large number of adults looking for jobs at the same time, adults that don’t have limited work hours and can be pushed to the limit while everyone is struggling.

This means you may need to get creative to find a way to make money on your own. These ways for teens to make money will help you do that.

Ways you can make money as a teen

Learning how to make money as a teen can be a bit of a challenge in the beginning. You are still getting to know what passions drive you and what talents you shine at. Don’t worry if your first venture fails. Instead, jump right into another option and never give up. These ideas are just a starting point and there are many other ways for teens to make money. 

Start a blog or vlog

Blogging or running a YouTube channel is a popular way for young people to make money. The skills your teen will learn while doing this is well worth the time investment they will need to make a profit. To find the right blog or vlog topic for you make a list of things you are passionate about or simply enjoy spending your time.

You will need to enjoy this enough to work on it every day for a long time. Once you are established you can use AdSense and other monetizing methods to make a profit off of your hard work. A well-built platform will keep earning you money when you are too busy with school to work on it later.

Sell photography

Companies, blogs, and social influencers all need photos to run their businesses. If you are handy with a camera you have a great way you can make extra money as a teen. Try your hand at taking photos and listing them on stock photo sites to earn a little extra money.

If you are really good at product photography consider talking to small businesses about helping them with providing their websites with quality product photos.

Social media management

Social media managers are in high demand among companies that hire young people with experience using social media. In this case, social media posting means adding hashtags to the posts, making images for the posts, and interacting with fans and clients electronically.

Teenagers who are adept at social media can earn extra money by doing this for a local small company or finding clients in online virtual assistant groups.


When you are a teen, babysitting can be a lucrative extra income source. To help make child care more affordable in today’s economy, many parents use teenagers for child care. You can get a babysitting certificate and CPR certification through the Red Cross to increase your chances of great client and help to make the parents feel more comfortable leaving you in charge of their children.

Become a mother’s helper

Caring for children can still make extra money for you if you are not ready to babysit on your own. It is a great job for teenage girls who are interested in helping their mothers or mothers in their neighborhood. This job entails caring for kids while their mother is at home the entire time. Frequently, you play with the kids, feed them, and clean up after them all.

Parents who work from home but don’t need full-time childcare might find this role appealing because they don’t have to pay for full-time childcare when they’re at home all day anyway. Taking care of children after school, on weekends, or during the summer and holiday breaks can be a great way to make extra money.


By offering tutoring services to your classmates, you can make money if you are great at a subject others tend to struggle with. As parents look for affordable help for their children, teens who do well in school are often able to accept clients from younger grades. Teenagers have the opportunity to make extra money tutoring while also helping others.

Start a crafting business

If you are a crafty teen you can make money off of your hobbies. Crafting businesses are quickly gaining popularity as people shift to turning their favorite hobbies into side hustles. Making and selling handmade items online is highly profitable because people have learned the value of quality handmade items over cheaply mass-produced items. Here are some great crafts that sell well online for your crafting business.

Pet sitting

Taking care of animals for extra money while spending time with them is a fantastic way to make extra money. Teenagers can easily work this simple job for a few hours a day and make good money by feeding, watering, and walking pets while their owners are away.

For animal lovers this is a great side job to earn a little extra money. Do a good job and your clients will recommend your service to others. Your teen can charge extra for things like giving dogs a bath and such as well.

Help the elderly

Since older people can no longer do all the things they once could, they often hire young people to carry out chores such as yard work, cleaning out attics, or shoveling snow. It is a great way to earn extra money when you have extra time to let your community know you are available for these odd jobs at a reasonable price. As a bonus, this is also a great option for helping out those in your community who are unable to deal with everything alone anymore.

Collect and recycle

Collecting bottles and cans as a teenager is a great way to earn extra money in states that require bottle deposits. Recycle these cans and bottles by collecting them and returning them for the deposit.

Those who are old enough to operate a car or truck and hold diverse licenses can make money by picking up scrap metal from the roadside to take to the local scrap and recycling center for a profit. By doing this, we can prevent recyclable items from going to the local landfills rather than being left on the curbside.

Advice for teens who want to make money

Find something you love doing. If you love what you do it won’t feel like work. The ways you learn to make money as a teen can help you become a successful adult. if you can find a creative way to make extra money when you need it you will never have to worry about what to do if you can not find a job because you know how to make your own job. 

Don’t be afraid to branch out and do more than one thing to make money. Having multiple streams of income is a great way to ensure that your income is always going strong even when one is affected by the economy. 

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