7 Things Fathers Should Teach Their Daughters

Fathers are one of the biggest childhood influences on women. No matter where we are from the male role models in our childhood and what they teach us stays with us for a lifetime. Here are 7 things fathers should teach their daughters.

That they are beautiful. The self-esteem we instill in our children will last a lifetime and the opinion of men well that counts.

Ever wonder how being a father effects your daughter? Wonder what you NEED to teach your daughter? This parenting thing is not easy But we can make it simple

If we grow up with fathers that tell us we are beautiful inside and out it is easier to ignore the terrible things the rest of the world will undoubtedly tell us. Spend time with your daughter and let her know you find her beautiful inside and out.

How a man should treat a woman. You lead by example. Fathers should demonstrate how a man should treat a woman because in the end, many women look for men like their fathers. If you don’t want a man treating your daughter poorly don’t let her see you treating women poorly.

Set the bar higher for yourself and you will set the bar higher for the men your daughter will meet when she grows up. I am editing this old post now after my own father died and I have to say he set the bar pretty high compared to other men in my life growing up.

How to be friends with a guy. Fathers can teach this valuable lesson better than anyone else. Teach your daughters how to work and be friends with men.

Teach them how to spend time with men while sticking to a code of behavior.

Teach them to demand respect and to NEVER think a boy is being mean because he likes her. It is never acceptable to let a man treat you poorly.

Fathers should teach their daughters about cars. Teach your daughter to change a tire and the oil. How to top off fluids, and check the breaks.

When something goes wrong on your car show your daughter the sounds the car makes, teacher her the reasons it is happening, and what needs to be done. With this basic knowledge, your daughter is less likely to be swindled at the auto shop one day.

Teach your daughter how to fix things. By teaching your daughter basic home repair skills you save them the heartache of feeling lost when something goes wrong.

Teach her how to fix a leak, unclog a toilet, and fix a squeaky door. Include your daughters in putting furniture together. Your daughter should walk away with the skills to fix things that go wrong in the middle of the night.

Survival skills are a great thing to pass down to your daughters. Regular camping trips with your daughter is a great way to teach your daughter basic survival skills. You never know what the future will hold.

Take the time to teach your child to build a fire, find food, and create shelter. While these skills are often taught to sons daughters get the short end of the stick and one day they may need to know these things.

Fathers should lead their daughters in a life of faith. The father is the head of the family and should lead his family in faith. Show your daughters the way to go and they will take that faith with them. Pray with and for your daughter. Take her to church and be involved. Talk about your journey in faith.

The things you do now she will remember and it will set the tone for the rest of her life. As a father, you are one of the greatest influences on your daughter and you can build her up or tear her down but, whichever choice you make you can not undo it.

What do you think fathers should teach daughters.

What should you be teaching your daughter?

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