10 Simple Ways to Make Your Car Last Longer

A car is a big responsibility that costs a lot to keep up with and it can be depressing when you find yourself forced to replace it rather quickly due to the high cost of maintenance when something goes wrong. You can protect your investment and get more use out of your car with simple inexpensive maintenance that make your car last longer.

How can you make your car last longer?

If you ask anyone about car maintenance the first thing you will hear is change the oil. And for good reason. When the oil gets old and sludgy it wears your engine down faster making your car fall apart sooner than ever. Check your oil often. It should be at a good level, clean, and no sediment sticking to the oil dipper. If you notice an issue get an oil change even if you are well under the recommended mileage. Use a higher-quality synthetic oil that is better for your engine.

Good gas is vital to a long-lived car. Be sure to use the right grade gas for your car. Do not downgrade to save money or you will be spending more later. Do not pump gas while the gas station is getting a fill-up or shortly after. Giving the impurities time to sink down to the bottom will keep crud and water out of your gas tank. Keep your tank at least half full to keep everything running smoothly.

Tires are one of those things some people seem to go through like candy… Ahhmmm my little sister goes through them so often she’s on a first-name basis with the tire guy who shamelessly flirts with her. I am convinced he thinks she blows tires just to see him. Keeping tires well maintained will make them last longer. Rotating your tires keeps the wear even on them.

If you live in the north winters can be rough on your car. Regularly wash the salt off your car to prevent corrosion and rust. Likewise, if you live in a coastal area you should do the same year-round. Salt is damaging to the body, underbelly, and other exposed parts of your vehicle.

ways make your car last longer

Top off fluids in your vehicle regularly. Be sure to keep coolant, transmission, and brake fluids topped off often so you never risk running low. When fluids run low you risk damaging the vital systems of your vehicle. The fluids in your vehicle keep it running properly preventing the car from overheating or the transmission from seizing. Breaks only work properly when the lines are filled with the necessary brake fluid.

Learn how to make your car last longer and repair it yourself.

The classic story of a damsel in distress on the side of the road with a blown belt or hose. By checking the belts and hoses regularly and replacing as they wear down you can save yourself the heartache of being stranded and broken down and keep your engine running well for longer.

When it comes to basic vehicle maintenance spark plugs and wires or glow plugs for diesel engines keep your car running strong and starting well the first time. Change out plugs and wires often as part of a tune-up routine on your vehicle.

Proper care of your windshield goes a long way in the life of your vehicle. Keeping your windshield clean and crack-free prevents obstruction of your view that could lead to an accident. Regularly clean your windshield and maintenance the wipers and fluid to maintain visibility. To protect your windshield from cracking inspect for nicks in the glass often and have them repaired before they can grow.

Tips and tricks to make your car last longer

Fuel additives like sea-foam and injector cleaners will help keep your engine running smooth and clean out impurities found in gas and help your car last longer. A great way to give your car a boost is to regularly add a higher obtain fuel to your car to help keep the system clean.

Change filters regularly. Oil filters should be changed with each oil change. You should change the fuel filter every 1.5 to 2 years to help keep impurities from the fuel from getting into your engine. The air filter should be changed often just like your home to keep air flowing smoothly. Look for an air filter that can be washed to save even more money.

When it comes to having a car the cost of proper maintenance can be high, but regular maintenance can make your car last longer and keep everything working properly saving you money in the long run.

What tricks do you use to keep your Car Last Longer?

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