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My oldest is a history nut. When she was 4 I ordered her the Liberty’s Kids DVDs. It was a favorite of mine as a kid. I had no idea the impact it would have on my child. With in hours she was running through the house quoting her new hero Dr. Benjamin Franklin. Fast forward 2 years and she was in heaven on our field trip when she got the chance to operate a Franklin Printing Press.  Years later she still burns anything to do with Ben Franklin and the revolution. I see great things for her future. When the School House Review Crew offered YWAM Publishing Heroes of history I scanned through the titles. When I seen her hero I had to sign up for Heroes of History- Benjamin Franklin Live Wire.

Ben Franklin Unit Study

Shortly before the book shipped out I received an e-mail with the Unit Study Guide for the book and a bunch of extras. The unit study guide is just that a guide for you to use in building a Unit Study from a hands on display to questions to ask your child for each chapter of the book. It had some really fun hands on projects the kids loved diving into.

When the book arrived Monkey was all over it. For her it has to be something that interests her or she wont even try to read it.  Something I find exceedingly frustrating because I KNOW she can read when she wants to. This was one of those moments of truth. As much as the child loves history biographies are not her thing. I can’t blame her they are not mine either but, I love to read historical fiction. Which this book has the feel of. This one on the other hand she drug around for days as she immersed herself into the stories of her beloved hero.

Not wanting to discourage her from enjoying the book I was forced to wait my turn to check it out. Funny how that works out right? She read it to her brother, her baby sisters that are always doing everything together, even to the pregnant cat, “because it helps her relax mom.”

Christian Heroes {YWAM Publishing Review}
Instead of listing facts this book tells stories. Weaving tales of some of Benjamin Franklin’s most famous moments. Small details added in that left Monkey with plenty of questions. Thank goodness for Google right? “What did Benjamin Franklin’s son do?” or “Who was his wife?” Which sent us into a long discussion of morels. And why Perhaps Deborah is so rarely mentioned and why they could not officially marry.

Heroes of History- Benjamin Franklin Live Wire jumps around a bit between his adult life and childhood each chapter being a little story of its own. Once in my hand we used it for a bed time story and spent time talking about the book using some of the Unit Study guide questions.

The Heroes of History series covers both influential people of history and Christians that have effected history greatly. With a current listing of 39 books, unit studies, and other fun things for teaching your kids history in a fun way.

Christian Heroes {YWAM Publishing Review}
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