Pop Up Car Wash Free Pretend Play Set

We are killing time waiting for the warm weather to kick in and need to fill more time inside. So we are building a few fun file folder pretend play sets using the tools provided in our favorite preschool curriculum Mother Goose Time and well some of them are so cute we just have to share the ideas.

How cute is this? this pop up car wash will keep kids busy for hours and has a free printable to make it easy for you.

Each month Mother Goose Time has a new theme and each day a new topic. This cute pretend play set comes in the May box with one for each child. We made this one and fell in love so we laminated another for a file folder game and slid the others laminated but uncut into the file for when the others wear out and need to be replaced.

Young kids learn best through play and should be given plenty of opportunities to learn and explore. File folder games are great to have on hand and can be used nearly anywhere any time from a trip out to eat to long car rides while taking up very little space.

Pretend play is a great way for early childhood learning because it used basic skills, understands the exchange of money, and work on those ever-growing imaginations. This set is great because the car wash fits nearly any small toy car or truck. After a while, it becomes a wash for nearly any toy that fits through and all 4 kids were having fun.

pop up car wash adPop Up  Car Wash Pretend Play Set

This simple Pop Up Car Wash comes with the car wash and play money. Simply print on card stock, cut, and let your kids learn through play.


Want the originally pictured car wash set? Grab the May Mother Goose Time box and join us in all of the fun where your child will learn and grow while exploring every day.

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