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As a writer I feel writing is a vital skill to teach my children. Monkey is working on her writing skills to work on this site as it goes through some changes this summer… Keep your eyes open for that one. I have herd a lot of good things about Apologia Educational Ministries. So Writers in Residence was worth checking out.

Homeschool writing curriculum

We received the 2-in-1 work/textbook and the answer key to make checking Monkeys work easier. The program is comprehensive covering the entire writing process start to finish, basic grammar, punctuation, and formation of a great story. Some sections area bit of a challenge when using with someone of the younger end of the recommended 4th-8th grade range, like the “When I was Young” and “The History Of Me” units.  Their is not much for a history when you are young.

Writers in Residence lives up to the Apologia name for Christian education with a spot light on six Christian writers and how they came to be writers, the writing process, and where they find inspiration. You even learn how God affected their choice to become writers.

The work text is consumable which means this program gets costly when you have multiple students to teach. With my oldest having intentions for collage the detail covered in this is just perfect for assurance she has no gaps in her writing skills.

Homeschool Writing Curriculum

One of my favorite things to find in a homeschool curriculum is a schedule right in the book. I would love to say I am the queen of planning and I have my life totally together, but that would be a lie. I love when curriculum comes with a suggested schedule I can mark off finished sections and have a guide on what needs to be done.

The program builds a great writing portfolio for your child. Showing their growth and improvement over time. You get the script to teach the lessons making your end of the job a no brainier. Which is good when you need help because you feel like your a million miles behind and just keeping your head above water.

I have found the answer key to be invaluable. As a dyslexic you may have noticed I struggle with proof reading and looking for mistakes. They have to be blindingly clear for my mind to not just ignore them. In the answer key the answer is written in green allowing you to quickly glance and see differences. The faster you can grade your child’s work the faster you can move on and get your school work done so you can go outside.

When it comes to homeschooling and balancing life you need a good curriculum that will make your life easier and help you balance it all. Writers in Residence by Debra Bell helps you get through writing stress free without missing out on important skills. The bright full color worktext (even has bright colors in places kids write) helps keep my ADHD child’s attention on the work at hand.

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