3 Simple Ways To Have A Stylish Kitchen

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home. A recent survey shows that each year, Americans spend an average of 400 hours in it. Since the kitchen is such an important part of your house, it only makes sense that it should be kept clean, functional, and attractive.

Not only will this make your time in the kitchen more comfortable, but having a nice kitchen also adds significant value to your home. If you don’t want to fully renovate your kitchen but feel like it needs a bit of freshening up, worry not. Here are some simple ways to get a stylish kitchen without breaking the bank.

Add Wall Décor

One common misconception when it comes to kitchens is that it should be a fully functional space, often at the expense of design. However, this could not be further from the truth since kitchens can be aesthetically pleasing spaces.

One way to add beauty to any room is to hang up pictures or art. Studies show that looking at art pieces can boost our mood regardless of the place we are in, so look for photos or art prints that you like.

Once you have these, put them in classic or modern A4 frames and hang them on the blank walls of your kitchen. Consider making a photo wall over the kitchen sink or have it on the wall opposite the kitchen counter. You can also use mirrors or other decorative pieces along with these framed prints to make your photo wall more dynamic.

Fix Your Lighting

The amount of lighting that your kitchen has also significantly affects its appeal and functionality. Having a well-lit kitchen makes cooking easier, highlights your décor, and makes it a truly welcoming space.

As such, one simple way to style your kitchen is to improve the way it is lit. Make the most out of natural light by removing anything that blocks your windows. Also, have a well-planned scheme for your indoor lighting.

For example, aside from your main lighting fixture, you can add recessed lights, too. Not only will this make for a more relaxing mood when you’re having dinner, but studies also show that dim lighting can help curb your appetite.

Upgrade Your Hardware

Drawers and cabinets take up a large amount of space in your kitchen. If these are not well-maintained, they tend to make your entire kitchen look dated. Fortunately, you don’t have to splurge on totally renovating your drawers or cabinets.

If you are on a budget, experts say that simply replacing outdated hardware with quality knobs and handles can go a long way in making your kitchen cabinets look good as new. If you’re someone who’s into designing trends, gold, black, and bronze are all on trend now. Consider looking into hardware that has a matte finish for a classier look.

Styling your kitchen does not have to be too complicated. Sometimes, all it takes for you to have a more comfortable and functional kitchen is to add a few art pieces or to replace dated fixtures. These simple tips go a long way in giving your kitchen a fresh look.

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