How to Create a Kitchen That’s Stylish and Unique to You

In any US household, the kitchen is one of the most used areas. If you’re a real foodie and enjoy rustling up tasty grub, the chances are you’ll spend many an hour in your kitchen. To feel at home, your kitchen needs to reflect your personal style and taste, otherwise, you’re not going to get the most out of it. If it’s time for a revamp, here is a guide on how to design a kitchen that’s stylish, quirky, and gets your personality across.

Choose the Right Colors

When it comes to creating a stylish and modern kitchen, the colors you choose are important. If you stick with dark colors, this won’t make your space look very inviting and homely. It’s always best to stick with lighter colors that will brighten up your kitchen, and make it look bigger and more sophisticated.

You may find you want to opt for colored units. If this is the case, ensure you pick a color that you love, otherwise, you will soon regret your decision! For those who would prefer something different, you may like the idea of pops of color in your kitchen instead.

Create a Feature Wall

Often known as an accent wall, a feature wall is more striking than the other walls in a kitchen. This can be done by using a different texture or color to create a visual impact like no other. A kitchen feature wall will act as the focal point in your space and can transform the entire look and feel of your kitchen.

If you have decided a feature wall is the way forward, it’s wise to stick with paint. This can inject more energy into your kitchen.

Whatever you do, you must pick a color that will complement your worktops and cupboards, while being different enough to contrast against your other walls. 

Invest in the Best Appliances

If money is no object, you’ll only want the best of the best for your kitchen. If you’ve long dreamed of designing a stylish and unique kitchen, investing in top-of-the-range appliances is a must. To start with, you’ll need to purchase the essentials for your countertops.

These include a toaster and coffee machine. You could consider buying a Smeg Kettle from SSENSE which is sure to look pretty alongside your other appliances. SSENSE also sells Smeg milk frothers, hand mixers, and citrus juicers which can blend in beautifully in your kitchen.

Before you buy any appliances, make sure you pick those that correlate with your color scheme. The last thing you want is for an appliance to stand out for all the wrong reasons! 

Use the Right Lighting

For your kitchen to come to life and highlight all the wonders that are in it, paying close attention to lighting is essential. The lights you buy for your kitchen space can make or break how your space looks and feels. You don’t have to opt for downlights either.

Instead, why not introductive a mixture of styles to make your kitchen space unique and edgy? For instance, you can hang a traditional chandelier above your dining space and hang pendants for task lighting.

While the choice is entirely up to you, it’s wise to take your time deciding on lighting. It’s a good idea to look into mood lighting. This can be changed depending on the time of day and your preference. Whatever you decide on, ensure your lighting isn’t too harsh on the eyes.

Hang Some Artwork

If your kitchen walls are looking a little bare, why not hang up some artwork? This can be a fabulous way to inject your personal style and taste. Whether you hang portraits or something quirky, artwork is a great talking point when guests come over to visit.

Make sure not to overload your kitchen walls with artwork. While you may think you are doing a good thing, if there are too many things on the wall, this can be an eyesore. 

Add Patterns

For homeowners who want to create interest and character in their kitchen, it may make sense to incorporate patterns into your space. Whatever pattern you decide on, you can put it on your flooring, splashbacks, or walls, which can make your kitchen truly stand out.

While some people may love traditional flooring, others are after something more retro and unique. The choice is entirely up to you!

Your kitchen space needs to represent you in the best light possible. Whether you live alone, with family, or enjoy having guests over, you will want everyone to be impressed when they step into the room. Whatever your personal style and taste, there are lots of ways you can transform your kitchen into one that’s classy, sophisticated, and true to you.

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