The Best Pre-Made Bug Out Kits

A bug-out bag is a bag with the bare essentials for survival to last you a few days in an emergency. This bag contains food, water, first aid, shelter, and basic tools. Building your own bug-out bag is the best option financially but is not always a good fit if you do not have the time to work on gathering things for your kid. Instead, you can buy a pre-built bug-out bag that has everything you need so you can grab and go or simply add a few more things.

What should be in your bug-out bag?

As the world watches the Ukrain evacuate from the cities many of us are thinking about if we have the supplies needed to handle an evacuation or worse. The good news is that you can buy a premade bug-out bags or build your own bug-out bag to make sure you have what you need to survive if things go bad. Here are some essentials that your kit should have.

First aid supplies – Your emergency kit needs to have the supplies for basic first-aid. If there is an emergency help may not come for a while so being able to clean and dress wounds to prevent infection could save your life.

Tools – From a light source to a knife to cut things your want to make sure you have basic tools in your bug-out bag. I am a big fan of multitools and use them for everything.

Hygiene kit – Hygiene supplies ranging from toilet paper to baby wipes, deodorant, and tooth care supplies are important in your BOB. This will help keep you comfortable and healthy.

Shelter – From ponchos to protect you in the rain to emergency blankets or even a tent can be wonderful assets in an emergency to help keep you and your family comfortable.

Communications and light – A weather radio and a source of light are both vital for your kit. You can even get a  weather radio that has a light and will charge your phone. Look for one with a hand crank option to charge in case you are stuck somewhere.

Food and water – Having at least one full bottle of water in your kit is a good idea to make it easy to make due until you find water to filter. A quality emergency water filtration system is the best option for long term. Add some emergency food bars to your kit to make sure you can survive a few days even if you can not find or make real food. A simple camping mess kit is a great addition to any bob.

Fire – Your BOB should have multiple ways to start a fire. This could be lifesaving to keep you warm and cook food. Keep several ways to start a fire in your kit and keep them in different places so if one gets lost or damaged you have other options.

Pre-built bug out bags

This bug-out-bag is designed to last 3 to 4 people for 72 hours. This basic bug-out bag has essentials like tools, emergency ration bars, water pouches, a first aid kit, and some ponchos and emergency blankets to help protect you from the elements.

Where this kit shines is the included weather ratio and extra bag that allows someone with you to shoulder some of the load later on. The downside of this kit is that it doesn’t include any items for hygiene. You can easily add a travel hygiene kit and if you have the time and budget some basic camping gear to improve this bug-out bag kit.

If you like organization this very organized BOB is a great option. This bug-out kit comes with all of the basic essentials to get you through 72 hours after a major emergency situation. It even includes things like a sewing kit to make repairs to your clothing.

Everything is organized into pouches and labeled to make it easy to find what you need. The bright red color helps to add to your visibility which can be helpful in an emergency to make it easier for rescue professionals to find you. To make the most of this kit I would add some basic camping gear to help keep you more comfortable.

If you want to take a queue from survivalists and be as comfortable as possible and able to do as much for your survival as possible. This survival kit is packed with amazing stuff for every situation. Including water filtration, ration bars for 2 people, shelter, a weather radio, a first aid kit, and more.

This kit really shines because it covers just about everything you could need in only 18 pounds of weight. If you need to care for more people you really only need to add more food ration bars and some more shelter tools like ponchos and emergency blankets.

This Camp Style Bug Out Bag has everything you could possibly need to get through a disaster situation complete with all of the camping gear you could need to stay comfortable. A wonderful radio, cooking supplies, and solar power charger really make this kit shine.

I would suggest adding some emergency food bars to your stash as well. While this kit has everything you need to catch your own food you want to have some backup options should you really just need some time to breathe or if you are taking shelter.

This BOB is all about being prepared but blending in. If you want a tactical emergency kit with all of the essentials from water to hygiene, and shelter this stealth emergency kit is a great choice.

The appeal of this kit is the fact it includes bivy bags, a tent, weather radio, and other essentials all in a backpack that looks like a standard student bag. This will help keep eyes off of you when others are looking for a target. My tween and teens bags are stealthy like this to keep them from being a target because they do not need to carry as much as the adults do to have what we need for all of the kids.

Adding to your pre-made BOB

For the best results, you should be willing to add to your kit. This can range from raiding the camping section at the store to go hunting for useful extras, to adding in more food and such to help bulk up your kit.

Keep in mind that the entire thing should weigh no more than 10 to 20 % of your weight to avoid overloading your back and making it hard to carry your kit. Weigh your full bag every time you add to it. If your bag is to heavy then consider taking out less useful items.

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