Tips On How To Clean Your Home Faster

As a busy mom that needs time for her kids, working from home, and working out I need all of the shortcuts I can get to help me keep up with my kids and our home. Over the years I have learned some great tips on how to clean just about anything and do it faster with less stress.

Tips on how to clean your home faster

These simple tips on cleaning will help you get your home clean faster and make it easier to clean in general.

Keep laundry baskets handy

My favorite way to make cleaning the house faster is to use laundry baskets and bus bins. These allow us to walk through the house and gather items that are not where they belong and return them quickly and easily.

Sometimes we will split these tasks up a bit and have one kid run around with a laundry basket to gather items, one kid run around with a bus bin to find dishes around the house, and the rest will run around gathering trash and recycling or picking up toys. This gives us a fresh base that makes doing the rest of the cleaning easy.

Keep a powerful cleaner that can clean just about anything on hand

To make cleaning your home easy you want to keep spray bottles of multi surface cleaners handy. These cleaners need to be safe for most surfaces and able to clean just about any tough mess.

This will allow you to walk through the house with one spray bottle and spot clean from top to bottom with the exception of areas like wood furniture.

I like to use Fels-Naptha grated and mixed with water in a spray bottle for cleaning around the house. This strong cleaner is safe on most surfaces and will break down most dirt and grime. Because a single $1 bar will make many bottles of cleaner I can use as much as I want without worrying about the cost or creating waste in the landfills.

Use microfiber cloths

Skip the paper towel and use microfiber. These clean more than a paper towel can and will leave a streak-free shine without having to do any extra work. Simply toss in the washer and they’re ready to go again making them a frugal and earth-friendly option over paper towels. Microfiber cloths are a great eco-friendly option that will save you money.

Always clean from top to bottom.

When cleaning you should always clean from top to bottom first. This will prevent you from having to reclean areas when cleaning a higher spot makes for more work. This is a great way to save time over sporadically cleaning.

Make a cleaning list

Making a list breaking down each step of cleaning your home room by room helps make big jobs feel easier and allows you to track your progress. This can give you an extra pep in your step helping to speed up the cleaning process.

Use a multi-surface vacuum

Getting a vacuum that can go from one surface to the next and simply keep going from carpet to hard floors means you can clean your floors all in one go speeding up the process and making your life easier. I for one love my Shark but I have my eye on a Bissell CrossWave.

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