Revolutionizing Home Cleaning: The Top Smart Features of Robot Vacuums in 2024

Meal prep, house cleaning, and workout – these words that might seem like a chore to you or a part of your daily routine. However, for me, these terms are a nightmare. 

Even after a hectic day at work, while most people feel relieved and even excited to go home, I feel anxious. This is not just because I am too tired to travel, but instead, I am just too tired to do anything, especially meal prep and cleaning. 

You might be thinking hiring a house help is a good idea, but in this economy, I do not think so. 

As a full-time 9-5 employee, living paycheck to paycheck, hiring someone to clean your home means no saving at all. 

You might recommend doing it on my own, but I have done it. Daily, I would wake up with just enough time to get ready for work only to come back to a messy home, tired after a long day at work. This is not just my story; a study shows that almost 30% of people living alone or with a partner feel too tired to clean after a long working day. 

The number might not look too alarming, but the estimate appears to exclude people around me(pun intended). According to my observation, nearly 90% of people around me complain about having to clean things up. If you are also part of our lazy squad, then you might want to continue reading. 

Just three months ago, I came across a simple, affordable, yet exceptionally useful device. Yes, you have guessed it right; I am talking about the all-new Robot vacuum. While most people think that relying on robots for cleaning might not be suitable, my experience says otherwise.

If you are also skeptical, you might be interested in learning a thing or two from my experience. Within this blog, we will not just look at some of the features that you must keep in mind as well as some of the main reasons a robot vacuum is a much better option than any manual vacuum. 

Must-Have Features in Robot Vacuum in 2024

WiFi Connection

WiFi is necessary in a robot vacuum; otherwise, you can forget about automated cleaning all the way through. WiFi connectivity will make sure that your home is clean while you are away or even when you are at work. However, keep in mind that you must have a good internet connection like Xfinity. Xfinity does not just offer seamless connectivity and good speed; it offers 24/7 customer service so you can report your issue anytime you want. Since most of the automated devices fetch data in real-time and need the internet for remote connection, WiFi is necessary. 


Suction is an advanced cleaning setting that will help with better cleaning. While most of the new robot vacuums offer suction, most of the older versions do not offer this option. With suction, you cannot just enjoy more vigorous cleaning; you can also make sure that cleaning is much more powerful. 

Cleaning Modes

While choosing a robot vacuum, look for a model that has more cleaning modes. Most of the older and more affordable robot vacuums can only be used on carpeted floors. So, they cannot properly clean marble floors, cemented floors, and thick rugs. With more cleaning modes, you can simply pick the type of floor, the power you need, and the type of cleaning so you can avoid these issues. 

Motion and Object Sensor

Motion and object sensors are some of the most iconic features that make a robot vacuum durable. While most people expect that a vacuum might fall or break when it encounters something hard, a good robot vacuum with a sensor can easily detect the object in the way and change its track. This simple feature might not look very iconic at first, but it will help in prolonging the life of the device. 

Mopping Capability

Dry dust cleaning might be a good option, but what if you need a deep cleaning session to get rid of all the stubborn marks on the floor? Well, to resolve this issue mopping is the only option. While most of the older models of robot vacuum might not have this feature, all the companies have made sure to add this feature in their newer versions. 

Auto Charging 

Auto charging is one of the simplest yet the most notable features that you must look for in a robot vacuum. With auto charging, you can easily command your vacuum to clean up and then get to its charging point without any assistance. This feature is especially good for people who travel often or have to spend most of their hours at work. 


Another advanced feature that will make sure that your robot vacuum does not have the trash bin full all the time. These simple features will help get rid of the trash and dust, making sure that the vacuum works perfectly and you don’t have to clean up everything after the vacuum is done cleaning. 

Why Robot Vacuum Is Better Than Manual Cleaning? 

There are so many reasons why robot vacuum is seen as a revolutionary addition to the vacuum and cleaning device industry. While most people highlight that it is convenient, others focus on its time-saving and power-saving features; however, there are so many other benefits that most people ignore. 

Here are some of the main reasons robot vacuum is necessary for every home:

  • Robot vacuum is a one-time investment that makes your daily cleaning very affordable.
  • The automated vacuum helps in time and power saving.
  • It offers much better cleaning than any other manual or automated method. 
  •  It is very low maintenance as it does not require too much cleaning.
  • It has a self-cleaning mode, so you do not have to empty the bin. 
  • It comes with multiple cleaning modes and cleaning settings.   

Bottom Line 

Cleaning is not just therapeutic but also helps with immunity building and improving quality of life; however, it can be very challenging to keep things clean at home. This is where the robot vacuum comes in. Robot vacuum is not just low maintenance and cost-effective; it ensures that you do not have to clean your house ever again. 


Why most people complain about the working of a robot vacuum?

The biggest reason most people complain about robot vacuums is the bad connectivity issue. 

Is there any future for robot cleaning?

Automated cleaning device is a growing market that is expected to reach USD 12404.12 Million in 2028. 

Which robot cleaning is the best right now?

Samsung JetBot AI+ is one of the best robot cleaners in the market right now. 

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