5 Renovation Ideas to Turn a Spare Room Into a Personalized Nursery

Are you ready for your first child? Whether adding another addition to the family via surrogacy, which often takes between 12 and 13 months, or becoming a first-time parent, you want to create the perfect nursery. You may have to work in your existing home space, so consider these renovation ideas!

1. Start Painting

Why have bare walls when you have a baby in the room? There’s never been a better time to add fun characters, colors, wallpaper, and decals! Professional painters can create a color scheme fitting for your little one. You may want to focus on a gender-neutral color that caters to a particular theme. For example, you may want purple for a relaxing vibe. Add a splash of color on your wall trimming or an accent wall to liven things up. An underwater or zoo theme can focus on blues or greens. You may even want to focus on famous children’s books like Charlotte’s Web or Peter Rabbit.

2. Revamp Existing Furniture

Are there any articles of furniture in your home that you can repurpose for your nursery? You could take an existing table, refurbish it, and paint it to use as your baby changing station. If you have a smaller bookshelf, move it to the nursery to store items from toys to baby linens to books.

3. Create an Accent Wall

There are 33.6 million spare rooms across the country, and many are sitting around without a purpose. When you transform a spare room into a beautiful nursery, crank up your creativity with an accent wall. An accent wall is a perfect way to add color and unique design and create a focal point without overwhelming your baby. You can use your accent wall to create a mural. Instead of having color on your nursery accent wall, you may want to use materials, such as stones or even metal. Accent walls can remain in place when you convert your nursery into a proper bedroom when your infant grows.

4. Add Storage

As many as 55% of American homeowners renovated at least some aspect of their home last year. One of the ways people renovate their homes is by improving existing or adding new storage. With a new child in the home, you’ll need more storage, so you should put as much as possible in your nursery. Having adequate space in your nursery reduces the time going back and forth to get items in another room. Keep the linens, toys, books, and formula you need to calm your baby and put them to sleep. Don’t forget to have items you may need for yourself, especially when sitting up with them for several hours. Storage can be in the form of built-in shelves or enclosed cabinets. Add a custom drawer below your changing table to save space.

5. Call the Electrician

You’ll need adequate light in the nursery, but it shouldn’t be too bright, as you don’t want to overwhelm the baby. Install different light fixtures, from overhead to crib to reading lights. LED lights can save you on energy bills by using 75% less energy than traditional iridescent bulbs. Plus, LED light fixtures allow you to control the level of luminosity so you can dim the lights at night without completely turning them off.

Expanding your family can be a beautiful thing. Keep your little one warm and snug in a newly renovated space. Don’t stress out over not having a bigger home, as the right renovation techniques can easily convert a spare room into an oasis for your new baby!

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